Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Irving Penn's "Flowers"

Recently I discovered a series of photographs that master photographer Irving Penn produced in the late sixties, which were part of a now-out-of-print book that I'd die to own, called Flowers
If I could track down a copy for less than $300, I'd study every delicate details Mr. Penn captured from each flower in large scale. Feast your eyes on a few of these floral delights:

(all via Google and Hamiltons Gallery)

How fantastic would one of these floral prints be blown up to a dramatic scale?

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who loves the artistry evident in Irving Penn's flower photography. For one, Mr. Penn's fuschia peony photo figures prominently in the offices of Aerin Lauder's new lifestyle brand, Aerin.

Yasmin Le Bon, model/wife of Duran-Duran's Simon Le Bon, has her own Penn poppy to display.

Isn't Irving Penn's collection of floral photography simply gorgeous? 
Anyone own a copy of Flowers that they'd like to let me keep on long-term loan? :)


  1. That dresser set up is gorgeous!

  2. beautiful and very very inspiring !

  3. Gorgeous. They look like paintings.

  4. Beautiful. I thought they were botanical prints at first.

  5. p.s. not that everything can be DIYed - but I bet you could take a pretty nice photo of your own in a similar style.

  6. I bought this book today. Are you still looking to buy a copy?

  7. I bought this book today. Are you still looking to buy a copy?

  8. The photograph in Aerin Lauder's offices is by Paul Lange, not Irving Penn. Paul's work can be seen at his website:


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