Friday, June 1, 2012

TGIF, 6/1/12 Edition

Good morning, friends!
Over breakfast, I flipped my adorable Rifle Paper Co. fruit calendar to find that it was already June.

Much of May was a blur, so I'm looking forward to slowing down a little bit this month, if that's possible.
I'm finishing my second full week at my new job and things are starting to come together. Yay!

But as far as this blog goes, you (yes, you!) keep me feeling fresh and inspired.
Thank you for the super-sweet comments about my window cornice project this week.
Your comments made an otherwise frazzled Ashley feel all the more calm and happy.

Sending you lots of love and appreciation this first weekend of June.
'Til Monday, blog buddies.


  1. What a sweet post! Glad to hear the new job is going well - isn't it always stressful to start with a new company? Enjoy your weekend, Ashley!

  2. Happy June to you!

    Glad the job is going well. Starting a new gig is always tiring, no matter how fabulous.

    Hope it is a wonderful Philly weekend!

  3. Your calendar is so lovely! Nice to hear things are going well with your new job! Enjoy the weekend!

  4. i have that calendar too. and sadly i think it's still stuck on April. thanks for reminding me to flip ahead :)

  5. So excited going to Philly end of June for my husbands work conference, definitely would love some shopping suggestions, and restaurants.. will be there for two days! Thanks so much!
    The Relished Roost


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