Tuesday, June 5, 2012

But Where are the Red Curtains?

In April, my husband Adam and I started watching the early '90's show "Twin Peaks" created by David Lynch. I think it's safe to say that Adam and I were obsessed, which resulted in the show dominating our television screen for the better part of the month. 

Though the show only lasted two seasons, "Twin Peaks" introduced me to the quirky, atmospheric style of David Lynch who certainly has a way with creating a sultry-but-ominous mood. So, imagine my curosity when I heard the filmmaker had created a signature suite in the Hotel Lutetia in Paris!

Naturally, I pictured the "David Lynch Signature Suite" looking like the 'Black Lodge' from "Twin Peaks":
Nope. There is nary a red curtain to be found.
Instead, the director's suite evokes the Art Deco style of his 2001 film "Mulhullond Drive".
(all via Architizer)

Hear the director talk more about the suite here:
(via YouTube)

So, tell me: does the signature "David Lynch Signature Suite" seem like a place you'd like to stay?
Do you like to see how artists like Lynch reimagine their visions through new ventures, like hotels?

And, if you know Lynch's style, do you think these accommodations complement his work in film and on tv?


  1. Oh my gosh, thank goodness he didn't match the decor to the final scenes in Twin Peaks - soooo creepy!

  2. Sooo cool! Love this post! Very interesting.

    I love seeing how creative /quirky people live, Lynch style!

    The Relished Roost

  3. yes, and actually we did stay there for one night. A lot of lithos and a special atmosphere but not creepy at all and actually very parisian..


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