Monday, June 4, 2012

Trip to Terrain

On Saturday, the weather was temperate and clear. I was dying to get out of the city for a little natural inspiration, and where better to find some environmental ingenuity than at Terrain, which is about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

If you haven't yet heard of Terrain, it is a beautifully operated garden center/store/restaurant/event space that is owned by Urban Outfitters Inc., which also owns Anthropologie, and you can see a similar attention to detail throughout the store. The use of wooden pallets and a rusty mailbox are all intentional styling choices that add up to a rustic and highly-inventive spot for plant- and idea-gathering.

I'd been to Terrain several times before, but this was the first time I really stopped to admire the clever ways plants were paired and presented. I have to note that, someday, I hope to have a patio where large-scale ferns can grow and provide shade.
 These red wire garden chairs and companion bench were such an irreverent pop against all of the green.
 After perusing the plantings outside of the main store, we headed in to see the beautifully styled vignettes that invite shoppers to stop and consider each and every item (and, hopefully purchase them!).
 A large room known as "the conservatory" sits at the very center of the Terrain shop, which was decorated with punched metal lanterns and draped linen panels.
 Can't you just imagine dining al fresco in a spot just like this?
 Terrariums were featured all over the store.
I loved this collection, which was set up as you walk into the main shop.
 Aside from being a fabulous place to get ideas for interior and exterior plantings, Terrain stocks a host of plants that I'd never seen before. For example, these tiny plants resembled a creeper that would grow lush and soft between flagstone pavers. Their blooms were soft bulbs of color.
Anyone know what these plants are called?
 This bromeliad caught my attention with its technicolor appearance.
 And my heart went all a-flutter when I saw several pots of mountain laurel, the state flower of Connecticut and a plant that grows in abundance in my home town.
Are you curious what I walked away with?
I bought a fern and a Carriere Freres Industrie 'lily of the valley' candle, which I wish I could share with you because its scent is heavenly.

If this post wasn't convincing enough, let me explicitly state that I think a day spent at Terrain is not a misspent day. I walked away inspired and wanting to have my own garden sooner than later.


  1. So fun! I heard they opened one of these CT, too (Westport, maybe?). I'm dying to go!

  2. Yes, Westport! I'm curious to see how the second store compares to the first.

  3. Love Terrain! It is very close to my childhood home. Chester County is a great day trip from Philly. The Brandywine River Museum is right down the road and is a total treasure.

    There are some incredible spots to dine as well - I love Catherine's and the famous Tallulah's Table.

  4. Just visited Philadelphia recently and I did not make it to Terrain. Thank you for taking me there!!
    I have done a little container gardening this weekend and this post has inspired me to continue hunting for used containers!

  5. What a great store to find lots of inspiration. I think those plants are called pincushions. I see them every now and then at my local Whole Foods. At least that is what WF calls them :)

  6. I love to visit garden centers for inspiration. We have a good nursery here called The Barn and they've just opened a wonderful gift shop. Lots of goodies!

  7. Man, I love that place. They need to open one up here in Mass!


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