Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet the Artist: Eva Wylie

Recently, I stopped into the Philadelphia Art Alliance to enjoy an after-work gathering with friends and, while there, I couldn't help but notice the current exhibit from artist Eva Wylie. Her work captures the detail of small items within large-scale silkscreen installations, requiring its audience to stop and ponder each piece slowly and deliberately.

This piece, "Embedded Threads" can be appreciated from the closest to the farthest vantage points.

I am glad to have discovered Ms. Wylie's unique talent and am sure I'm not the only who would love to spend more time admiring the detail in each of these pieces.


  1. Amazing. Don't you want to do that to a wall now?

  2. Gorgeous! Those wall displays are just amazing.

  3. Wow, her work is captivating. I love it when I come across an artist who does something I've never seen the like of -- she qualifies. How cool that you got to see this in person, Ashley.


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