Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Craft #5: Birch Tree Food Banners

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As a last minute craft, I whipped together a quick touch to add to the table at Saturday's holiday party--a set of birch tree food banners. I felt really drawn to traditional woodland-inspired themes this season, and these tiny little trees make me long even more for a white Christmas.

Here are the supplies I used for these woodland-inspired banners:
 (birch paper straws, white cardstock, an X-acto knife, glue gun and glue sticks)

And now, here's how I turned paper straws into a woodsy banners for our holiday spread!
Step #1:
I started by determining how many banners I needed (1 per food item I would serve at Saturday's holiday party), and then cut each straw in half--these would become the "tree trunks". Next, I took a more straws and cut them in half vertically. 
 Step #2:
I took the straws with the long vertical cuts and cut each several times into small pieces in a variety of sizes. These pieces would become "branches" on the birch trees. I took each small piece, rolled them tightly and cut each end of the "branch" at an angle so that the branches are tapered at each end. I applied hot glue to one tapered end of the branch and attached it to the birch "tree trunks" that I made in Step #1.
 Step #3:
With the birches shaping up, I turned my attention to the banner portion of the display. I found a vintage clip art banner (free, of course) from this site and duplicated the image several times in Powerpoint. I printed a sheet on the white cardstock, cut them out and used my glue gun to attach a banner to the tops of two of my birch trees.
Step #4:
When determining the menu selection for our party, I knew I couldn't just stick these banners directly into some of the food. I mean, who wants a straw sticking out of their mac & cheese canapes? Not I. So I took more of my white cardstock, cut it into a rectangle, and glued it to the bottom of my "trees" as a sturdy base. I went a step further to apply some of my Martha Stewart glitter to the bases to mimic sparkly snow.
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That's all it took! It may seem like a lot of cutting, but the process went very quickly. 
Now I have another special touch for our holiday party!
Meet Me in Philadelphia
Meet Me in Philadelphia
(all via Meet Me in Philadelphia)
Straws-turned-birch tree fun, am  I right?


  1. First of all, did you dream this whole thing up yourself? And with straws? Wow - it's this type of project that makes Christmas so special!

  2. You are KILLING IT with these Christmas crafts, lady. I love these straws, but couldn't justify buying them just to look cool drinking stuff every once in a while. Victory!

  3. cutest. ever.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence today!

  4. These are too great! How creative you are!!
    I am having a give away stop by if you get a chance!
    Karolyn- The Relished Roost

  5. At first glance, it doesn't look so complicated but after seeing the tutorial looks like it's going to take some effort. This should be so much fun making these banners. I love these craft projects.


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