Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"What I'm Workin' With" Week: The Dining Room & Laundry Room

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Yesterday, we surveyed the foyer, stairway and the adjacent hallway upstairs but before we leave the first floor, we'll visit the dining room and laundry room.

The dining room is just off the living room. Based on its current state, it should really be called the bar cart room because that's its only function right now. The room is bathed in sunshine from 3 large windows throughout the day, so that's a big plus.
Meet Me in Philadelphia meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com
Meet Me in Philadelphia meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com
The dining room feels roomy at 13' x 14', and especially so now that it's empty. Honestly, I'm not sure what direction to go in, but the randomly-placed can lights need to be removed. This room is begging for a big 'ol chandelier that can be spied from the grand front window.

I'm toying with the idea of keeping the walls white and adding a deep color on the ceiling:
That's about all I've got for the dining room.  Furniture, textiles, lighting, paint...all needed.
Ideas are welcome.

Just around the corner from the dining room is the laundry room, which leaves a lot to be desired aesthetically. But, it's a whole room designated just for laundry! I can't complain too much.
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The laundry room is about 8' x 7', so more than enough space for laundry and cleaning supplies once I get a more useful and efficient spacial plan in place. 

Even before we moved into our house, I started compiling my ideas for our laundry room on my Pinterest board called "Spaces for Laundry". I'd love to work around a retro mint-and-white color scheme. Here are some of my ideas:
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(pendants, fabric, tile, trashcan, sink, faucet, drying rack tutorial, wire baskets, washer & dryer)

I'd like to replace the older washer and dryer for a more energy-efficient pair, while also building a hanging drying rack for sweaters and delicates. As a nod to the age of our house, I'd love to use mint green linoleum tile, which happens to be a eco-friendly material. Linoleum tile, unlike vinyl tile, is entirely composed of renewable materials and, let's be honest, that's pretty darn cool.

I'll probably add a dash of pattern with the Bloomsbury Parchment fabric for roman shades on the door and small window in the laundry room. And like that, a utility space like a laundry room becomes more pleasant and cheery.

What do you think the plans I've made (for the laundry room) and the non-plans I've made (for the dining room)? Be a pal and share your thoughts for the dining room because I'm at a loss.

Tomorrow, we switch gears and discuss bathrooms!


  1. Seriously cannot wait for the afters!

  2. So jealous of those amazing windows. Love the idea of a dark ceiling in the dining room! And your board for the laundry room is spot on. Can't wait to see the process.

  3. LOVE your dining room. Those windows! That LIGHT! And most importantly, the view of greenery. We have amazing huge windows, but they look at our neighbors and our garage. Such is urban living. Take your time and let it evolve!

  4. First off, I really like the pale green linoleum floor idea for the laundry room. I've just started following your blog so I don't know if this room will also serve as a mudroom? One word of advice: don't buy a bosch washer or dryer. I did and they've both required repairs twice!! Love the style sink you've chosen.

    I have a question about the paneling in the dining room. It looks like it is only on one wall? If that is the case and it's staying, you're right to stay with white walls and absolutely go for color on the ceiling. Not sure though how to handle the finish on the wall paint as paneling usually looks best with a bit of gloss. Maybe you should eggshell finish the entire room?

    What fun. I'll be tuning in.

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Caitlin: First off, welcome. Glad you found my blog! The laundry room will just be a laundry room I think. We aren't sure what brand of W/D to buy yet, but we know we've got to check with Consumer Reports first! :)

    The paneling in the D/R is just on one wall and I'm not 100% sure if that stays or goes...or what at all to do in that room, so pleased stay tuned to see what comes of it!

  6. Love love love the dark ceiling, and the center carved detail. Also I really like your bar cart. I need one for my apartment. I am assuming you thrifted it?
    Good luck with the home!
    Light & Sweet

  7. Hi Filiz--I actually made the bar cart myself and wrote about the whole process here: http://meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com/2011/10/care-for-drink-barcart-reveal.html

    Thanks for the sweet words, everyone!


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