Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tufted Sofas with Fitted Seats

tufted sofa with fitted seat via Meet Me in Philadelphia
Before I get into today's post, let me thank everyone who commented on Tuesday's post on the "New Domesticity" phenomenon. Your comments and perspectives were so smart, and gave me a lot more food for thought that I had to respond to each commenter by email. You never disappoint, dear readers. Anyway...on to the topic of sofas!

Almost one year ago (on Valentine's Day, to be exact), my husband and I brought a vintage velvet tufted sofa home from the thrift store. The piece was solid and the price was right, even if the color wasn't. In the last year, I've given a lot of thought to reupholstering the sofa, which will be the cornerstone of our living room design.

Well, almost 365 days with it, I think I've come up with a plan for our tufted sofa and it involves abandoning its detached cushion. Let me show you what I'm talking about...

Here's my sofa today, just as it was last February.
vintage pink tufted sofa via Meet Me in Philadelphia
(sorry if you've seen this sofa 87 gajillion times already...this pic is for any new readers!)
And here are a few samples of the look I'm going for when my tufted sofa gets reupholstered: the fitted seat. 
tufted sofas with fitted seats via Meet Me in Philadelphia
(one / two / three)
tufted sofas with fitted seats via Meet Me in Philadelphia
( four / five / six)
Do you know what a fitted seat means? No more rumpled cushions! Oddly obsessive homeowners like me can rejoice!

No detached cushion to get wrinkled or mussed up after people get up. What do you think of this look? 
Like it? Dislike it? Generally indifferent about silly things like this?

If you're wondering, I think I'm going to keep the skirt and go with a neutral linen. Basically I want to turn my sofa into first tufted sofa above. Anyone know of a good-quality, stain-resistant linen?

More updates to come!


  1. One of my favorite style sofas, used them alot for people who want the sofa to stay neat looking! They are a classic, what great find!

  2. Try Perennials Fabrics- they make super amazing,high quality outdoor fabrics. Not scratchy outdoor fabrics of the past, but really nice velvets, linens and other weaves. You can send away for free samples see what it feels like in person. Its by no means super cheap, but I think the quality and it being stain proof its worth it. I just sent away for their navy velvet to recover a chair I have.

  3. Such a pretty look and memorable as well in my opinion. I immediately had to look at my LR images on Pinterest and came across this living room by Angie Hranowsky that you might like:
    Looking forward to seeing what fabric you choose. I haven't actually used Perennials but have always been impressed with their samples and their customer service. Their website is also quite user friendly. It doesn't appear as though the fabric that I used (Dwell Studio for Robert Allen is available on the RA website but it is available on the Dwell Studio website). I've been quite happy with the efficiency of the fabric (it's a glazed linen called Zigzag). If I think of any others I'll let you know.

  4. What a find, Ashley! Beautiful proportions and very elegant lines. I actually love your sofa the best. Some of those are overly tufted. The tight seat with the tailored skirt will be divine.

  5. I so love that sofa. And I'm one that would love to get rid of crushed cushions! The linen will look great.

  6. i love the idea of getting rid of the cushion. one less thing to fluff and keep crisp!

  7. Beautiful sofa! First this a lounging sofa or does the room get less use? I love the look of a fitted seat but will that be comfortable? Also definitely would ditch the skirt. And the tufting on the back and sides could use re-arranging. The top tuft seems awful close to the top edge of the sofa. Sorry, this is probably more input than you're looking for. :)

  8. like it! i have also heard Perennials fabric is a good stain resistant option. i am happy to hear someone else is willing to keep a skirt on that type of sofa! i always feel in the minority on that one, but i feel it can work in a traditional or more modern setting. i know Ruthie Sommers has done it and it can look great!

  9. Lovely sofa, Ashley, and I love the idea of freshening it up and modernizing it a bit with a tightly upholstered seat. Also, showing a little leg is nice too!


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