Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seasonal Vegetables of California

You've seen Claire Nereim's "Seasonal Fruits of California" print, no doubt. I was so in love with it that it was on my 2009 Christmas list. Yes, I am 26 and I make a Christmas list that Adam and my mother share. Each year they manage to give wonderful gifts! ;)

Well, Ms. Nereim's done it again, this time it's a vegetable print that I'm coveting.

(via Etsy)

Currently, our kitchen is decked in fruit prints (such as a Herman Miller watermelon print and a repro-WPA print that we made ourselves). I might just have to expand the wall decor to include all produce...

(frames by Larson-Juhl, a wonderful investment)

I can see my Christmas list taking shape already...

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