Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap: Furniture Find

Good Monday morning, readers! How was your weekend?

Our weekend was fantastic, spent enjoying the wedding celebration of a friend (no, not Chelsea...) in my home state of Connecticut. The event was lavish while also intimate and personal. More on that joyous event this week!

But before getting into all of that, I wanted to share my weekend acquisition. It's just not like me to leave a state without some sort souvenir! Check it out:

This charming and very comfy chair was a CT Craigslist find (a very late-Friday-afternoon-bored-at-work-waiting-to-leave find, I might add). We picked it up from a very accommodating couple in Canton, CT for only $40. On the ride home, with the chair rattling around the backseat of the car, I was already imagining it's transformation...

I'm thinking Alan Campbell for Quadrille "Lascaux" in Camel II on Tint.

(via Quadrille)

The fabric's spendy but hey, with only $40 invested, it might be fun. Just look at it on a once-staid side chair:

(photo via Quadrille via NY Homes and Spaces)

What do you think?

Also, we're seeing Arcade Fire and Spoon tonight at the Mann Music Center tonight! We're so excited!

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