Thursday, August 12, 2010

Loveseat Prep Work

Philadelphia, like much of the country, has been experiencing a continuously hot and very humid summer. It sort of feels like the atmosphere is giving this city an angry bear hug and, despite our squirming to get out of its hold, we're stuck in the embrace. Sweaty, smelly, and stuck in an environmental bear hug. Yuck.

It's any wonder I've managed to find the motivation to get moving on this loveseat project I've been talking about for months now...but I did. In fact, Saturday is the big day: drop off at the upholsterer!

I found a quality upholsterer who gave me a good quote and, with classic charcoal linen in hand, I got started on the prep work I need to do before Saturday's big event. Primarily, that prep work involved a good cleaning, a frame tightening, and trim sanding and staining.

I got to work sanding the wood that trims the curved back and sides...

and then cleaned up the resulting dust before I began to stain. I am planning on sanding/staining a few more pieces in our "den," so the stain will be the unifying feature. We decided upon Minwax Wood Finish in 'English Chestnut', the same stain I used for that still-ugly footsool as well as my side chair covered in Alan Campbell fabric.

Staining went smoothly and, in spite of the humidity, the stain dried smoothly and quickly.

Joe the Upholsterer, whose details I'll share if he does a good job, promised this would be a quick project. I can't tell what I'm more excited about: the impending cooler weather of fall or this new-to-me loveseat.


  1. Very simple, classic charcoal linen. I didn't want to spend a lot so I found a fabric discounter that quoted me about $225 for 13 yards. I'm accenting it with pillows in Braemore's "Flowering Branch" fabric, and it will pull together my cream/red striped WS Home rug (you can see it peaking out in last pic).

    I CANNOT wait 'til this is done. Makes decorating around a loveseat so much easier!


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