Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Design Crush: Lindsey Coral Harper

Did your copy of the February 2012 House Beautiful arrive in your mailbox yet?
My copy arrived yesterday, and quickly proved that my love for interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper is loooooong overdue.
These shots from HB's February issue have me going wild for her use of color and layers of detail:
Can I move into this red-white-and-blue bedroom? Clearly it's up my alley.
I'm so envious of the Kathryn Ireland drapes in this living room:
And, even though these images may be familiar to you all, I had never realized the source of these genius designs:
(via Stylebeat)

Here's to seeing more of Lindsey Coral Harper's talent in the new year.


  1. Love the cover shot! I'll have to steal this from my mom next time I'm home.

  2. I agree...I loved her design images in HB this month too! Take care, Caroline

  3. I agree! Lovin' the issue. She has such a fun mix with color, style etc.

  4. I KNOW! Love her and can't get enough. Think I may have blogged about her or one of her rooms once. Too good!

  5. Ooooh! I just got my copy today and I can't wait to look at it. Love that blue and red room.

  6. I love this issure of HB. I can see why you have a crush. She uses a lot of the same colors you do in your home. Hope all is well!


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