Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF, 1/13/12 Edition

Did you notice that it was Friday the 13th today friends?
While those days are typically reserved for murderous rampages on a group of scamp counselors, today is one I'll be celebrating because the full-length trailer for Wes Anderson's new movie has been released!

It's called "Moonrise Kingdom" and the only thing I'm thinking is:
hallelujah for a Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman reunion. 
(via Youtube)

I'm so excited to delve into the Wes Anderson cinematic universe again when this movie comes out!

Finally, I want to thank you all again for getting me to 100 (and now more...) followers. I'm thrilled and Adam is treating me to a celebratory dinner to commemorate posthaste. We're also planning on checking out a local auction on Sunday, if the weather cooperates, so wish me luck!

What's on tap for your weekends, friends?
'Tah-tah 'til next week.


  1. Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for celebratory dinners! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

  3. How sweet is he? J didn't do a thing when I got the Design Sponge feature. And now I feel sad about that. Thanks a lot, Ash!



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