Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Switch It Up

Before detailing the rearranging that I've recently done around my apartment, I wanted to take a moment to credit Beverly Hills 90210's own hitmaster David Silver for inspiring me to "switch it up".
(via Youtube)
After hearing the influential words of Dancin' Dave, I knew my kitchen could benefit from a "switch up".
Here was my kitchen before last week: not terrible, but I wanted a fresh look without spending lots of cash.
Why not rearrange a little bit?
And after a little "switch up",  my kitchen:
 I swapped the two Claire Nereim "Calendar" prints and the chalkboard because I thought there was an imbalance of black (table base, chairs, chalkboard, wine rack) in the previous arrangement. Now the chalkboard sits atop my grass green sideboard.

And, for the sake of symmetry, we're purchasing another 9-bottle Vintage View wine rack, like the one we already own.

 I moved my cheery green Dash & Albert rug from the main kitchen area to underneath the table.
The logic here: the rug grounds the table and keeps it from feeling like it's floating in space.

Oh, and I painted the frame of the chalkboard a nice glossy "Cup of Milk" from Martha Stewart's paint line for Home Depot.

Moving things around, keeping the arrangement of rooms dynamic, and switching things up allow spaces to grow and change along with us. And this little "switch up" cost me all of $0.

What can I say, it's good to switch it up. Yeah, I switch it up-up-up.*
*you must watch the 90210 clip to get this reference


  1. I like a good switch up too!

    PS- I wish I wasn't already a follower so that I could be #100. woot woot!! :)

  2. Love the rug under your table! The green throughout the room is so fresh and pretty.

  3. The switch up looks great! Painting the chalkboard frame made a huge difference.

  4. It looks awesome!! Love it! Isn't it so much fun to switch things up?

  5. Looks great! Funny how a little switch up can really change the mood of a place! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. I love rearranging things in the house! Your changes are great!

  7. Thank you, dear one, for 90210 video. To see David and gang switching it up and Steve's curly mullet and all those Docs was a soul soother.

    As is your kitchen rearrange. Don't you love the zero dollar changes?

    One item of business: are you receiving the uber witty email responses I'm making to your comments? They keep bouncing back to me for some reason. Just checking.

    What is Andrea now? Like 86 years old?

  8. I like it. You know I LOVE rearranging.

  9. That is a very good switcheroo, I'd say. I LOVE your green desk/sideboard. Is that a DIY?


  10. I love the change but I think I love Tori Spelling's body con dress + socks and boots look more....


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