Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On The Pinterest Bandwagon

A few months ago, I joined Pinterest after bloggers and friends alike were raving about how awesome/addictive it was. It took me a few months to develop a full-blown addiction, but I can now proudly say that I'm really, really into pinning things!

I'm gathering lots of inspiration, and here's a sample of what I've got so far:
Let's be Pinterest friends, share pretty images, and pin-pin-pin away!


  1. i will be following. i hope you follow me too!

  2. I know, your boards are so pretty!

  3. Yeah! I just started following you. It is addictive, isn't it?? I'm not as organized as you, so my boards are a little, um, jumbled. But I'd love for you to follow me too! I just posted some of my inspirations from pinterest today on my blog. So easy and fun!

  4. AHHH, all day. I could pin and pin ALL day. Very addictive. And I love it!

  5. Ashley -- I already did, and I'm already loving all the fabrics you pin. You have such an eye for that.

    Sending you an email about the question you asked.

  6. OMG Ashley, I've been talking to everyone about Pinterest lately because I feel like I'm the only person who isn't addicted. I joined a while back but after pinning like 10 things, I stopped. I just can't find the time but I feel so left out because it seems like I'm the only one who isn't on it. I may have to make another attempt.....

  7. I already follow you! The house go by like minutes. Bad addiction.

  8. Following you! :)



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