Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sideboard Project, Part 2 (After)

I know you all are just on the very edge of your seats awaiting the reveal of my revitalized sideboard project (kidding, kidding)...I won't tease for too long, but indulge me just for a minute.

I've been wanting another source of storage for the combined kitchen/dining room in our apartment. Because I'm getting married in May, I was looking ahead to the kitchen-related gifts we will be receiving and I was suddenly overcome with the unbearable fear that I'd have no wear to hide it all!

For a person who likes everything hidden, this possibility caused a lot of anxiety! As late as last Friday evening, I was trolling Craigslist and came upon a dresser that, with a little effort, might work for my space. Adam (ever the sage) advised me to sleep on it and I did. The next day, we went to Impact and I nearly stumbled over this desk just minutes after arriving. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yesterday I shared Part 1 of this transformation, which chronicled the unexciting stuff (i.e., removing hardware, patching, sanding, priming). All necessary to get us to the heavenly sight I'm revealing now.

 Give me color, color, color!

I chose "Bonsai" from Martha Stewart's line for Home Depot. It's in an eggshell finish so as not to highlight any imperfections. It's a lively, fresh green that seems more than fitting for a kitchen (especially my subterranean kitchen...yes, my kitchen is underground...sad face).
 As you may remember, this desk-turned-sideboard needed paint and new knobs. Talk about sad! While at Home Depot I scoped out the selection of Martha-brand knobs and pulls...and, surprise, surprise, came away with 6 of these:

Pretty spiffy, huh? I couldn't see myself spending buckets of cash on the knobs at Anthropologie. Remember, this thing was only $20 to begin with.

The choice of paint color came from my 2 Claire Nereim prints, both of which were framed in a grass green metal from Larson-Juhl. Some may think it's too 'matchy-matchy', but for now I like it. I needed a strong color that cut some of the drabness that comes with coordinated warm oak cabinets and flooring (yikes).
All set up:
The one addition I'll make to my sideboard soon is the pair of marble lamps I'm having repaired.
Should be lovely.

What do you think!?


  1. I lurve it! Green was the perfect color. And the matching frames don't bother me.. the art has other colors in it.

  2. It looks fabulous, Ashley! Love the happy green. Great job! By the way, I'm going to mention the green sofa you found while thrifting and link back. Thanks!

  3. Love! This looks so springy and cheerful. Perfect for storing fun new treasures!

  4. That is the perfect green - I absolutely love it!!!! Please stop by soon to weigh in on my powder room makeover!

  5. looks gorgeous! LOVE the color. so fun.

  6. That's a lovely transformation. I love Impact! I'm always finding amazing things there.

  7. LOVE It!!! Holy crap that is a great color. Way to go.

  8. Awesome color, Ashley!! Great job!! Love it!!

  9. I love your color choice, so fresh and springy! What a transformation!

  10. You are making me love emerald green more after seeing this. Great after so happy you didn't go the white paint route and added some color!

  11. I love seeing the potential in things. Before and afters are great! Great desk reno honey!

  12. This is a wonderful green! Your sideboard looks great!


  13. Love that green--great score and paint job! Good to find your blog and thanks for stopping by TPH. :)

  14. Your prep work paid off with a flawless finished project. Great color, size and perfect arrangement.

  15. Wow, what a makeover this got! I love the green color you picked out, its beautiful!


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