Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Actual Wedding Registry

Yesterday, I posed an interesting dilemma of sorts related to my wedding registry. Today I'll share my actual know, the stuff most people are accustomed to purchasing for an engaged couple. Instead of relying on the standard method of registering (going to a brick-and-mortar store, scanning things aimlessly, etc.), we decided early on to try out an online system that allows us to:
  • aggregate our registries from individual stores to one convenient list;
  • utilize the website to "pull in" items at various stores that do not have the option of creating a registry.
Where did we find this capability, you ask? The website is relatively straightforward to manuever. It allowed us to sync our existing registries (created in-store) with online-only registries (i.e., Amazon). 

The best part? has a feature that allows you to select any item from any website and add it to your "My Registry" webpage. Ideal, right? That means that I have the option to pick and choose from a variety of stores.

For our kind relatives and friends purchasing from the list, allows guests to clearly see the number and type of items unpurchased. When a guest decides what they would like to select, redirects easily to the vendor's site (i.e., Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, get the drill).

Here's a few items included on our registry:

As I mentioned, this website has the capability for me to select non-traditional gifts, too, which is a big plus is my book. 

I've registered for small prints,

fun bottle openers,

 and quirky salt-and-pepper shakers.

All in all, this whole registering business is a lot of work, but I found a website that's worked well for this gal. I share it in hopes that it makes registering for your wedding or upcoming baby a little easier.

P.S. I received no compensation to share these opinions...and you better believe if something goes wrong with this online process, I'll be sure to honestly share it with you!


  1. I've always said they should make a site like this!! There is no way I want all my stuff only coming from Crate and Barrel or (ew) Bed Bath and Beyond. Love that whale bottle opener!

  2. That is awesome! I wish I would've known that when I got married.

  3. That bottle opener is just precious! And so something that I'd buy for myself ;-)

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

    Oh, new follower here!!

  4. so fun! wish these were around when I was getting married.


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