Monday, February 21, 2011

To-Do: DIY Lighting Fixture

This past weekend, my fiance Adam and I spent quite a bit of time accomplishing wedding-related "To-Do's". But, I'd be lying if I said my "To-Do" list was limited to wedding items...

Here's one of the "To-Do's" that I'm most excited to tackle when the wedding prep slows down: A DIY lighting fixture to replace the "builder's special" ceiling-mounted light in my bedroom.

Here's the project rapidly moving up my "To-Do" list:
This fun chandelier is right out of Timeout New York (who'da thought?), and I've had it in my inspiration files for far too long. The step-by-step instructions allow for even the most novice DIY-er to recreate the fixture above, which came from the Brooklyn bar Abilene. I love it because, while modern and slightly industrial, the shape is reminiscent of coral. A nice combo of industrial and natural.

Now, want to do this yourself? 

All materials are sourced from your local Home Depot or other hardware store (I bought everything for around $40--yes, I have all the materials...but I've stalled on the actual installation):
  • 15–20 Y-shaped socket adapters or “splitters”
  •  15–20 small round standard-base lightbulbs
Step 1: Take a Y-shaped socket adapter and screw two more Y-shaped socket adapters into each of its ends.
Step 2: Then screw two more socket adapters into each of those ends and so on, until your chandelier has split out enough to the desired size.
Step 3: Next, screw the lightbulbs into the empty socket ends.
Step 4: Attach the completed chandelier to the ceiling by twisting the original Y-shaped adapter—which is now the chandelier’s base—into your ceiling’s light fixture.

Since I've already put together this new lighting for my bedroom, perhaps I'll have a new reveal to share with you all sooner than later...and one more "To-Do" off my list!

What decor-related "To-Do's" are on your list?


  1. Cool! It kind of looks coral-y. I think I'd have to spray it reddish orange.

    How were the Bday festivities?

  2. Ashley, very cool!! Didn't know it was your birthday - Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow that is super cool! love the idea.

  4. Wall art and pillows are on my list.

    Did this fixture work out for you? It looked a little intimidating to me.

  5. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that coral lighting fixture?! It adds elegance to the interior design of the space. My little kid used to call them hanging grapes. Well, they sure do look like grapes, right?


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