Friday, February 18, 2011

TGIF, 2/18/11 Edition

Am I the only one who had the longest week ever?

I've got very little to complain about though because today it's predicted to reach 65 degrees here in February! I'm psyched.

Another reason to celebrate? Sunday is Adam's 27th birthday.
Wasn't baby Adam adorable? This photograph is part of a gallery wall by our staircase and it makes me smile every time I see it.
Happy birthday, Adam.
You've added so much more to my life than I thought I deserved.

But, enough of the schmaltz...on to the decor! 
You may remember that over the weekend I scored a fun side chair while out with Naomi. It's a vintage Hickory Chair [chair] and its massive, undeniable tear is pressing me to bring it to an upholsterer, STAT.

It will be a new side chair for our "den". Have a look-see:
Since I have extra charcoal linen from my loveseat project, I think I'll just use that for the chair's upholstery and punch it up with a fun print (not the Premier Prints dots, though--need something new).  Aside from the upholstery, which will be a huge improvement, I'm also going to tackle the sub-par legs.

Instead, they'll be replaced by these, via Ebay:
Four legs coming my way for only $11.25! I'm going to buy some brass caps for the bottom of the legs, just in case you were wondering. So, check back next week when I begin my chair leg amputation! 
This should get interesting...

Happy weekend, everyone! 
Wishing you all 65 degree weather!


  1. Happy birthday to Adam! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend celebrating.

  2. The brass bottoms should really add a little snazziness!! Hope you guys have a great weekend full of birthday celebrations!

    Let's try to get some scavenging on next weekend? Hopefully its still warm :)

  3. Love the design plan for the new chair- cant wait to see how it turns out!

  4. The legs were a brilliant idea! This will be fun to watch.



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