Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recreating Ruthie

Perhaps like me, you've been a fan of this Ruthie Sommers loveseat for awhile now.
(both images via Ruthie Sommers)

We know that Ms. Sommers' loveseat didn't start out so fab. 
Take a look:

Now, what would you do if I told you I found this charming cream sofa with contrasting brown piping on Craigslist for only $195!?!?
(via Craigslist)

Now, no eye gouging or hair pulling to get this one.
If you're the lucky person to grab this deal, please let me know!
Let's make the lovely Ruthie Sommers proud.

Thank you for the overwhelmingly sweet comments about my sideboard project, everyone. You all really made my week!


  1. fudge I want it! But I have a perfectly fine sofa. There have been quite a few good finds of CL lately.

    You don't want a sofa upgrade?

  2. There have been some good finds, but I seem to miss most of them...and, sadly, I don't need another sofa. It might be weird to have 3 sofas for 2 people!

  3. I like it too, but I'm really diggin' that red chest in the first image. I want!


  4. What a great find. Someone will definitely luck out with this one!


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