Thursday, February 3, 2011

All About Amethyst

I'm one of the lucky babies to have been born in February, so I've always been partial to anything in an amethyst hue. While I've not introduced a single purple element into my home, I'm feeling like I could very easily with a colorful throw, peppy printed cloth napkins, or a vase of violets...

In case you're not yet sold, feast your eyes on these rooms that make good use of purple:
 (via Domino)
Have I convinced you yet of the beauty of my birthstone hue?
Do you have any amethyst in your abode?

(Are you loving my alliteration today or what!?)


  1. I had a funny dream last night that one of my girlfriends was trying to get me to help paint the outside of her house purple! I was talking her out of it. These dashes of the color are lovely, though, esp. that Elle Decor shot. Love!

  2. cant say I have any in my home, but am loving the last 3 images.


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