Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Dream: Inside Jason Schwartzman's Home

Do you have long-sustained celebrity crushes that, upon reflection, are just really bizarre? No? Well, I do and I'm not really embarrassed to admit that my favorite male celebrity is not Brad, George, Johnny, or that pale guy from "Twilight."

Instead, I'm all about the Schwartzman; Jason Schwartzman, that is.

Jason Schwartzman is a delightful, cultured and sub-cultured member of Hollywood royality...and he's just plain adorable 
[editor's note: that last statement is fact and not opinion].
(This man is totally adorable; via The Look See)

Imagine my delight when Elle.com recently shared enough photos of Schwartzman's home to whet my hungry fan's appetite. Okay, sure, the article really was a feature on Schwartzman's fashion designer wife Brady Cunningham, but the take-aways for me were the snippets of Schwartzman domestic life. 

These vingnettes ooze old-Hollywood money and a cool-kid, in-the-know kind of vibe:
I'll take the books, Jens Risom chair, and Proenza Schouler bag, please.

Jason probably reads "Bored to Death" scripts on this aging Chesterfield.

Loving the easy, relaxed look dominating the bedroom
(oh, and the one-of-a-kind Rodarte).

And what hip home is complete without a personalized gallery wall?
(all images via Elle.com)

What celebrity's home do you want to peak inside?


  1. Natalie Portman. Love her. I like Jason too. Then again I have a thing for nerdy guys.

  2. I love Jason too. I get those weird, nerdy crushes too. But I also have a major celebrity crush on the hunky Clive Owen. I don't really care about his house though, if you know what I mean.

    I understand quirky styling, but why put a globe on the chesterfield?

  3. Ha! Kathy, I wondered that myself...I think there's also a tiara on the globe, which just adds a layer of hipster-weirdness to it all.


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