Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anything That Can Go Wrong...

 ...will go wrong. 

I'm specifically referring to the mysterious leak that required our landlord to rip up all the flooring in our den. This view, and the pervasive smell of wet basement, greeted me after work last night.  
Oh, and here's all our stuff, now taking up residence in our kitchen.
(needless to say, the contents of that Yuengling case didn't last long) 

Yet, despite the poor timing of this, I am grateful because this happened while we were home and not away on our honeymoon. And really, I have to keep it in perspective that, while I'm experiencing some inconvenience, it's nothing like those Americans dealing with the extensive flooding.

Adam, always the kidder, said to me, "Well, if you wanted to rearrange everything, here's your chance!"
Thanks, dear.


  1. Oh no. At least you have a postiive attitude about it. Good luck with the clean up.

  2. Oh, Ashley, what a bummer. At least most of your things are okay and intact. You do have the right outlook, and your hubby-to-be does as well. Good luck with your clean-up efforts, and of course, your wedding prep!

  3. I am sorry! But you have the right perspective on it...which is hard to do when it affects you so much! I know your wedding will be fabulous and your honeymoon in Greece...so perfect!! Take care, Caroline

  4. Ugh! Not what you need 2 weeks before a wedding!!! Hang in there. Greece is so close!!!!
    And yes, I would be downright giddy if I could decorate your nursery when the time comes!

  5. Girl let me tell you, we had flooding in our basement from last years flood and it wasn't pretty. The floors are still messed up but all in do time. So yes be thankful you was home and not away.The good thing is yall don't have to pay to fix it.

  6. Oh so sorry. Water can be so destructive. I love Yuengling. Sadly they don't sell it in KY. It would not last long at our place either:)

  7. Oh my gosh, how annoying! I keep thinking about you this week (I remember this crazy time so well!). Gah, hoping for a quick fix for you guys.

  8. Oh my goodness! I am sorry this happened. Good luck fixing it quickly.

  9. Sorry about the leak. The designer left a comment re: your question. The painting you were wondering about is from American Eye in the DC Design Center, artist David Gillenwater. Hope things go well with the fix.


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