Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Kathy of My Interior Life

As I promised yesterday, I am blessed to have a series of very talented bloggers stepping in for me while I'm away. I'm thrilled to have Kathy of My Interior Life because, admittedly, it took me several months of "lurking" to build up the nerve to comment on Kathy's blog (seriously). My gal Kathy has a fantastic eye. Now, with that introduction, take it away Kathy!
Hi, it's Kathy from My Interior Life. I'm so honored to be filling in for Ashley as she's off enjoying her honeymoon in Greece (lucky girl!). In the days leading up to Memorial Day, it's the perfect time to think about summer and what inspires me.

As the hazy, lazy (and in Nashville, downright stifling) days of summer start to creep in, my mind wanders to a more laid back state of mind. No rushing out the door to school and activities. A more leisurely pace. These images capture that feeling and are a breath of fresh air . . .
Doesn't this porch just make you want to sip a cool beverage and read a book?
Simply sweet and divine spun fiberglass set. Ah, to live in California and have my own adorable surfboard. Not to actually surf on, but as a styling prop of course.

This photo is like visual valium to me. I can practically feel the sand between my toes as I prop my feet up on the ottoman. Ah . . .
Someone bring me a Mai Tai!

Speaking of relaxing, I just picked up this today at the store . . .
My blood pressure went down a few points just looking at the cover. Then, this showed up in my mailbox making it official . . .
I am ready for summer! Both are required reading to get ready for the season.

Some other necessities for a great summer . . . 
A fun top/outfit that can go from poolside to dinner. This is one I picked up at Anthropologie with my Mother's Day gift card last week.

And since I live nowhere near a beach (but I love it so), a scented candle is the perfect way to bring a little beachiness to my suburban home. Jonathan Adler makes some great ones reminiscent of favorite beaches . . .
Lastly, I like to lighten and brighten my house up a bit by changing out darker accessories for lighter ones. Nothing drastic, just a little something here and there. Of course, fresh flowers make a big impact any time of year.
How do you get ready for summer?


  1. I will spend my summer chillin' out in that Elle Decor pad please! The idea of summer is making SO want to paint my floors white. Damn you, rental. Damn, you!

  2. Kathy,
    Great post!! I love your Anthro top...perfect for summer. Now I want one!! And I have been switching out pillows to make things a little lighter and brighter!!

  3. 'My blood pressure went down a few points just looking at the cover." Haha! I love it. Is this why we flip through magazines? That first image with the big green lamp? Mmmm HMMMMM.

  4. girl, you through in a little chioiserie whenever you can!! How do I prepare for summer? try to cut out some carbs at dinner and load up on sunscreen. We are all too fair around here!

    Love ya, Julie

  5. Air conditioning...I couldn't get through summer without it. This post was awesome, Kathy. Exactly what I needed...a little virtual getaway!

  6. Thanks, everyone, and thank you so much Ashley for having me! I had such fun gathering my summer inspirations!


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