Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Dina of Honey + Fitz

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the first taste of the summer season. I'm truly honored to have the lovely Dina of Honey + Fitz at the helm today, sharing with us pretty summer seasonal inspiration. 
Welcome, Dina!

I am so thrilled to be guest blogging for Ashley while she's off honeymooning it up in Greece! There are no words to express my jealousy. It is one of the most magical places I have ever been but unfortunately, the feta cheese in my favorite watermelon & feta salad is the closest I'll be getting to Greece this summer!

Summer is far and away my favorite season. I get excited for summer the way only someone who grew up in New England could. In Massachusetts, summer is a fleeting and magical 12 weeks. And then POOF! It's gone and you're shoveling snow again. Now I live in the South where summer drags on...and on...and on. It goes on so long, you forget what it's like to wear socks! While I definitely don't mind, for me the arrival of the summer season will always bring back memories of Red Sox games, Del's lemonades and lobster rolls all accented by the ubiquitous salt air smell of a Cape Cod beach.
A clapboard house surrounded by lush hydrangeas with an ocean view everywhere you turn - summer perfection in my book!
Of course my little haven by the sea would have its own winding path through the dunes to a quiet sliver of beach.
After a day of sand, sun and salt water, we'd all enjoy the perfect summer meal on the deck. No silverware required, just lobster crackers, wine and friends!

After dinner, we'd keep the outdoor fun going with a movie, some s'mores or maybe just catching lightening bugs. This is my fantasy and in it, I've obliterated mosquitoes from the face of the planet!

aaaaaah! Doesn't that just sound like the greatest day EVER? Now someone please invite me to your beach house! If you've enjoyed playing along with my little fantasy, follow me over on Pinterst where I pinned these and many more inspirational images of everything from beach houses to kid's rooms.

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  1. dina... i grew up in massachusetts, too, so i totally get how you feel about summer! and the homes surrounded by hydrangeas... love it! thanks for making my morning bright and happy!


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