Monday, May 9, 2011

Honeymoon in Greece

I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I've posted. I feel like such a negligent blogger.  My little break is somewhat justified because I'm still totally, completely, utterly overwhelmed by this little garden-themed wedding of mine.

But enough of all that. How about some honeymoon details? 
 As you smarty-pants readers probably already guessed, Adam and I heading to Greece for our honeymoon just after our wedding (countdown to wedding: 12 days)!

Sure, I could spend time planning a wonderful two-week getaway with the help of travel guru Rick Steves, or instead I could rely on my copy of M. Sasek's This is Greece.

Flipping through Sasek's book got me very excited for our trip. Since I can't sneak you all into my suitcase, check out some of the places we'll be seeing in just a few short weeks.
We're starting off in Athens, and then spending the bulk of our time traveling around the Greek isles! 
How Jackie O., right?
Naturally, one of our earliest stops will be to the Parthenon.
I cannot wait to sail around the Greek islands, especially Mykonos and Santorini and soak up the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean.
As this illustration suggests, the wonders of the ancient Greek civilization will prove to be awe-inspiring for us I'm sure.
Lots and lots of pictures will be taken and shared. Have you traveled to Greece? If so, is there anything that we simply "can't miss"?!

Speaking of, I've missed you all. 
Thank you for your sweet emails. 
I'll be back in full-effect post-wedding.


  1. I did miss you last week, but totally understand how busy you must be. Greece sounds dreamy!

  2. Omg Greece is SOOOOOO AWESOME. I was there 10 years ago and have dreamed of going back ever since. You will Looooooove it. So jealous.

  3. I'm back! Happy to oblige with any details on Greece I can! I went when I was 24 and with another girlfriend so definitely a different "agenda" then if I went for my honeymoon. We were there for 2 weeks. Flew into Athens and were there for 4 days. Hottest place I've ever been in the middle of August...omg was it hot. There was lots of construction as they got ready to host the Olympics and there was a lot of new infrastructure going in for that event (subway, arenas, new, wider streets, etc). I LOVED Athens. It's so amazinging old but still a very vibrant, metropolitan city. We went to all the monuments (if you're going to Athens and can at all avoid going to the acropolis in the middle of the day, I highly advise it. You will bake up there), hung out in the Plaka every night, went to was just awesome. From there we took a ferry to Mykonos and were there for 4 days. We were young and poor and couldn't afford the high speed ferry so we were on one for almost 8 hours. Outside...on the deck. But it was all worth it when we arrived. Mykonos is incredible. Winding, serpentine streets (got lost over and over again but who cares?!), fantastic seafood, great nightlife. We went to Paradise Beach and Super Paradise. Be ready for a towel-to-towel situation. Quite the party island. We had a great time. It seemed like the whole of Italy was vacationing there in August. From there we went to Ios. I would not recommend a stop there on your honeymoon. It's more of a bars per capita kinda place if you get my drift :) We were going to be there for 4 days but after the 3rd day we were both like "get me off this island"...kinda like you feel when you're leaving a weekend in Vegas. We headed to Santorini earlier. To this day it is the most beautiful place I've ever been and I've been really blessed to go lots of great places (Thailand, all over the Caribbean, Paris, Italy, etc). It looks EXACTLY like the post cards and is just magical. Incredible food, beaches, sunsets. Even as a single 24 year old I remember thinking how amazing a place it would be for a honeymoon. EEEEK!! You're gonna have the best time. So jealous. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about it.

  4. Okay, you have successfully made me extremely jealous!!! I know you will have a wonderful time, and your absence in blogland has been deeply felt but truly understood. I would not be blogging at all if I had a "little garden wedding" to plan. So exciting!

    Oh, and my ticket to shop was a gift card to Anthropologie - probably hard to tell that in my terrible photo!

  5. Twelve days?? Oh, how exciting, Ashley!! It's going to be a spectacular time and I can't believe you're going to the Greek islands for your honeymoon! I went there during college, but just told my husband that next summer I'd like to sail around the Greek islands!! I can't wait to get your full report! And, btw, my husband adores Rick Steves - he's even met him and every place we go, the Rick Steves book re-submerges! Congrats on your wedding!!

  6. I have a friend who traveled the world and she told me Greece was her favorite destination. Enjoy this special time in your life and take lots of photos!!

  7. You are totally allowed to not post when planning a wedding and honeymoon.

  8. Oh my goodness I'm so glad I ran into this blog! First of all- congrats on the upcoming marriage!!! Second of all- my husband (of 6 months) and I are going to Greece NEXT MONTH for a little second honeymoon! We've only got a week so we'll spend most of our time on the islands. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Let me know of any tips or "must-sees."


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