Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malachite for Millionaires, and The Rest of Us

Yesterday, while fully distracted from my work and wedding obligations, I discovered the most perfect malachite jewelry box from Asprey that I've seen...
(via Ebay)

...then I saw the price.

Ready for it? $4,000.00.
That's some John Thain-level spending up in here.

Not a gazillionaire? Me neither, let's form a club where we lust after rich people's things and throw rocks at their Maybachs (oooh, unintentional rhyme). You cool with that?

Got $75 instead to spend? I present to you a less expensive alternative:
(via The Evolution Store)

Haven't gotten enough malachite goodness?
Be sure to check out Danika's faux-so-good malachite lamp DIY.
It's genius.


  1. I love the malachite. Wonder if you can find it in paper?

  2. Love malachite!! And, I thought Danika's lamp was fantastic!

  3. I got my clients the malachite jewelry box from furbish and they love it.

    It has such a rich quality and really pops in any room.

    Off to check out Danika's lamp!


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