Monday, May 2, 2011

All The Pretty Peonies

One year ago yesterday, I became engaged and began mentally collecting inspiration for my wedding (which, by the way, is only 19 days away!).

Certain decisions were very easy to make. Number 1: my flowers. I knew very quickly that I'd carry a lush bouquet of full, fragrant peonies. I've loved them since I was a child. I always enjoyed watching the ants crawl curiously over each peony bud in my mom's garden, where they'd serve to open each bloom as nature intended.

This bouquet from Martha Stewart provided a lot of inspiration as my florist and I developed the "floral story" for my wedding.

Still need more peonies this morning? Check this gorgeous flower out:
(via Once Wed)

I cannot wait until my wedding day to be surrounded by such beautiful flowers.
What flowers did you choose to be front-and-center on your "big day"?


  1. Wow less than two weeks away, how exciting! Peonies are so beautiful and they smell amazing. For our wedding I had white hydrangas with a bed of gardenias. All white. I loved smelling the gardenias all day.

  2. I have no doubt your wedding will be simply gorgeous.

    Love peonies. Wish I had a garden to plant them in.

    Hope your weekend gave you the relaxation you needed :)

  3. Oh, these are lovely! And will be so gorgeous on your wedding day.

    I love these, too, but our wedding was too late for them. Instead our florist got a bunch of English roses, which share that fluffy-puffy feeling that peonies have.

  4. Well, I wish I was smart enough to do peonies. They are a favorite and mine are blooming in my yard right now! Wish the blooms lasted longer - I love them!

  5. I can't believe you're getting married in just 2 weeks!! That's so exciting! I think you'll be getting married the same week I did? (5/21/05). Peonies are my all time favorite flower. They were my #1 thing for our wedding too. You can see my bouquet here:

    It was a mix of peonies, cymbidium orchids and garden roses. I love that I now associate the smell of peonies with such a happy day.

    We are out of town this week and I'm missing all my peonies blooming :( I can't believe I timed this trip so badly. I wait all year for this 1 week! Thankfully we have lots of peony growers here in NC so the farmer's market will be stocked with them for the month of May.

  6. Love peonies. I was not quite as wise with my flower choices. I mainly wanted hydrangea, but got a crazy mix because my florists were the parents of one of my best friends from childhood. They pretty much did what they wanted unfortunately. I was not super pleased. Oh well.

    Are you just so excited?!!! I'm so excited for you!!

  7. I chose cream colored cottage roses but peonies would be lovely also.

  8. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! What an exciting time. We had orchids and roses!

  9. Peonies will be beautiful! What a special time for you Ashley.


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