Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Naomi of Design Manifest

Last summer when I kicked blogging into high-gear, one of the most supportive early readers was the lovely Naomi of Design Manifest, who is a fellow Philadelphian and a great partner in thrifting. So happy to have you here, Naomi!
Good Morning! I'm Naomi and I'm delighted to be filling in while Ashley is off getting married and enjoying her 'moon in Greece. While I don't have a vacation to look forward to myself, I can take comfort in the fact that summer is just around the corner.

Something about summer makes me a little softer. I want to sleep late, frolic outdoors, take long bike rides, dine alfresco, and enjoy lingering sunsets.  Throw in just a little adventure (say camping and a road trip) a little quest for knowledge (give me a hammock and a pile of books) and of course a decorating project or two... and I'm a happy girl.

This summer I'm inspired by a touch of boho, soft corals, peaches and pinks, the great outdoors and tolix chairs.  Oh and tree houses.  Can't forget tree houses.

Thanks for indulging me!  And Ashley, Darling, have the most amazing two weeks!!


  1. I am totally missing out on summer. It's fall here! but I enjoyed your boards. And I am sure Ashley is enjoying her time in Greece.

  2. Love your inspirations, Naomi! That velvet daybed. Yummy! And Tolix chairs are always on my list. I hope you get the chance to do all those things and more!

  3. Thanks for having me over Ashley! Though I hope you are too busy enjoying yourself to read this ;)

    kathy- Tolix chairs should be on everyone's list!

  4. My summer plan now consists of me in one of those cute little sundresses, lounging on that fantastic chaise...perhaps with my kiddos fanning me with palm leaves and feeding me grapes...that is realistic, right??? Great Post, I just have to put that plan into action...(c:

  5. Oh, this all sounds wonderful. And I would add enjoying a hot dog and a coke at the baseball park!


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