Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Here? Why Now?

I've been a Philadelphia resident for 549 days now. My lovely, selfless boyfriend, Adam, and I moved in August 2008 from New York so that I could begin a graduate program, which I have since completed; so why start a blog about creating a life in Philadelphia now?

Well, simply put, I didn't intend to put down roots here but was rather certain that, with Master's degree in hand, Adam and I would move on elsewhere and begin our life there. Philadelphia, in my mind, was always temporary and I was already planning my next move, both literally and figuratively. Rather than savoring the current, I'm often on to the next thing before my current circumstance has reached its logical conclusion.

This way of life, always looking ahead, will eventually catch up to me. This blog will be my concerted effort to enjoy the moment here in Philadelphia and, more figuratively, all the present has to offer.

Join me in creating a life, a home.
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