Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uncanny Resemblance

Check out our new Carter Kustera silhouettes, Adam's gift to me on my 27th birthday. 
Yes,  I am "the brains" while he is "the brawn".

The fabulous Rene posted some fun gallery walls yesterday that caused me to drastically rethink how I'm grouping artwork in Casa Adam & Ashley. Updates to be shared for sure.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love Nest

New bedroom artwork alert!

You may remember I ordered this heart-print handmade paper a few weeks ago and, after spotting a great online frame vendor on Lilly's blog, I ordered a custom bamboo frame from Frames by Mail.

Bias though I may be, this print looks awesome and totally makes my bedroom feel like a cozy little love nest.

 The bamboo detail up close:
What can I say? I'm in love.

On an unrelated note: 
THANK YOU for your immensely helpful comments about my poor guest bedroom. I have some major ideas cooking, but I wouldn't be anywhere without your feedback and really smart suggestions. You readers are awesome beyond words.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Be My Guest...Yet

Ever get so frustrated with a space that you want to just scream?

Yes? If so, continue reading. 
No? Well, you know how to control your neuroses and I don't, so we shouldn't be friends.

Still with me?

The space I'm referring to is my guest bedroom, a space that I've not spent much thought, energy or money on, really. Sure, I built a crappy bed and hung some artwork (which I still love)...but every time I walk into it I feel nothing but 'meh' about it. 

Here are some pictures. Be nice. I've come to terms with the sheer ugliness of it all. I mean, you've got to admit you have a problem before you can begin to heal, right?
It just feels like one big disconnected collection of stuff. Where do I begin? Paint? A great rug? New bedding?

The question do I solve the problems I can't change? Specifically I'm thinking:
  • lack of natural light
  • crappy track lighting
  • exposed black cable cords running along the wall
  • built-in shelving that is not centered
Send good wishes my way because this is going to be an undertaking. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rug Rotation

'Member last week when I shared with you my new entryway rug?
Well, never one to leave a good thing alone, I managed to find another rug (also appropriate for my entrance) this weekend while visiting a few local thrift stores with my soon-to-be sister-in-law (Hi, Jenna!)

Found for only $85, this little vintage wool beauty is a bit smaller than the first rug but is oh-so-soft.
Check it out:
I know what you're thinking: No, you can't have my $78 Heritage Unlimited rug. 
It's staying with us...just moving somewhere else in the apartment.
Perhaps it will move to the kitchen...
What do you think?
Speaking of rugs, I also ordered a nice neutral jute rug (about 9'x11') to layer with the rug in our living room. I decided long ago that layering was a must given that the area rug in the room was so small. It really irked me that most of my living room furniture was "floating."
I'm hoping that the jute rug (yet to arrive) will ground the space and provide additional visual interest.
Lots and lots of rug-talk today! 
Opinions wanted: Where should all my new rugs go?

Friday, March 25, 2011

TGIF, 3/25/11 Edition

(via The Vera Company)

Spring, where are you?
Weren't you supposed to bring some sun-shiny weather with you?
We're still waiting for it here in Philly.

Since the spring sun isn't quite ready to make an appearance, I'll just have to bask in the beauty of this Vera scarf. How fun is that?

My weekend plans?
This evening my sweet co-workers are throwing me a bridal shower, which may or may not involve lots of gifts of undies...
Being a bride breaks down many walls of privacy, doesn't it?

How are you spending this first full weekend of spring?
'Til Monday, blog friends.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Campaign Dresser on Philly Craigslist!

No, not mine.
I'm not dumb enough to part with a campaign dresser
...but someone else is (kidding, kidding).
(via Craigslist)

Now go get it, Philly peeps!

Jordan's Loveseat

Every morning when I check my Google Reader, I get a thrill when I see a new, fun, inspiring post from Jordan Ferney waiting for me.

 Just when I thought I wasn't envious enough of Jordan/her new Parisian lifestyle/her talent/her gorgeous family, she shared this image along with a creative party decor tutorial yesterday and I could not get this loveseat outta my head.

Could there be a more perfect place to curl up and read a book?

I just want to snuggle up on it right now and forget that it's only Thursday... 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Re-Trouve for Less

Who'd like a fun "look for less" on this Wednesday morning?

The bargain I've found is a nod to spring and the sunshine to come! 

I'm going share with you a few budget-conscious options for recreating the look of the Re-Trouve chairs and ottomans designed by Patricia Urquiola for Emu; but before I do, drink in the deliciousness of the original:
(via Steelcase)
(via Liever)

They invoke life on the French Rivera in the '60's or something (because, yeah, I have lots of experience with that)...I can imagine Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney recalling better times while sitting at this table in "Two For the Road".

If you don't have the $1,000+ it takes to purchase one of these spectacular designs, let me offer you a few options. For one,  Anthropologie offered their own version of the Re-Trouve chairs (for $248), which appears to be out of stock:
(via Elle Decor)

Don't get discouraged, though.
Here are some still-available pieces that offer a similiar look to the Re-Trouve chairs and ottomans at a wallet friendly price:
($149 via PB Teen)

and its matching side table/ottoman:
($99 via PB Teen)

(approximately $90 via Ebay...minus the fur)
(94GBP via Furnishing Homes)

(50GBP via Furnishing Homes)

With a little imagination, a can of spray paint, and a lot less cash, you could have the Re-Trouve style in your garden this spring.
Now, if only I had a garden...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Entry Rug

Like my new rug?
I want to lie and tell you that I bought this rug during some fantastically exotic world travel, but I won't...I got it on the interwebs.

Last week, I happened upon Heritage Unlimited, which sells a variety of Persian and Turkish rugs at very discounted prices [FYI: this 3' x 5' rug was $78 with free shipping]. What's more, we ordered the rug on Tuesday evening and it had arrived by Friday morning!

Someday I'll be sure to add to my rug collection with finds from far-off lands, but until then I think I'll just rely on the internet.

I realize I'm not showing you much of our entryway, buuuuuuut...
I'm contemplating a few interesting changes here if we remain in our current apartment. Perhaps I'll paint the inside of the front door and possibly the closet doors (on the left).

More changes to come!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pulitzer Prints

(Ms. Pulitzer via Simplified Bee)

Let me start by saying I am not a "Lilly Girl". I imagine I would look terrible in the trademark Lily Pulitzer pink-and-lime color combination. I've never been to Palm Beach.

However, I am a sucker for a fun print, and Lilly Pulitzer certainly offers a wide variety of peppy prints to perk up even the darkest March day. And with her soon-to-be-released furniture line, your home could be prepped-out, too!

Surprisingly, I'm digging the high-back pink love seat and the soft and subtle butter yellow daybed...

The shape and detail work of this chair is fantastic!

And certainly many of us swooned over this tassel-print ottoman in House Beautiful:

So, what exactly turned me on to Lilly Pulitzer? 
What opened my eyes to the possibility of Palm Beach prints?

This set of 4 cerulean and black Lilly pillows, purchased from The Bee's Nest in Havertown, PA:
I love the unique lion-playing-violin print. 
Before you ask, no, I have no where to put them. 
I bought them last summer and have kept them in my closet for the "future"...practical, huh? 
But, really, how could I pass these up?
What about you, are you open to adding some Lilly Pulitzer prints to your home?

Friday, March 18, 2011

TGIF, 3/18/11 Edition

Welcome to the weekend!
Aside from picking up our wedding rings, I'll be spending some time this weekend on a thorough spring cleaning.
I'll be


(all via Life)
If you haven't felt inspired to start your seasonal cleaning, check out the these wonderful tips from:
Our apartment will feel like a brand new place when I'm done.
Consider this your 24-hour warning, dust bunnies!

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' The Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Though Irish, I don't really celebrate this holiday the usual way, but I thought it was a fun coincidence that our wedding invitations arrived last night filled with lucky clovers!
When we first became engaged, I was determined to select very stylized letter pressed invites only to discover that "very stylized letter pressed invites" = "uber-expensive".
I realized quickly that in this internet age I could come up with a reasonably priced alternative, I set out to find garden-themed save-the-dates and invitation packages that were more on point with what we wanted to spend.

Leave it to my hero Martha Stewart not to disappoint!

We selected Martha's "Clover Vine" collection (purchased through Exclusively Weddings) in 'spring green,' as the colors and casual feel of the illustration felt right for the setting of our wedding.
Take a look:
Ever the dork that I am, I was really into the font options for the invitation package. I selected the Berkeley Script and Futura combination, which offers a balanced look of old-meets-new.
All of the invitation options are highly customizable, but we were very smitten with the idea of purchasing a calligraphied address stamp that appeared in the Summer 2010 edition Martha Stewart Weddings

The return address stamp, created by Emilie Friday, is lovely. We selected the"Alexis" style. As it turns out, creating this personalized stamp cost less than printing our return address on our invitations. 

The best part? 

We can use this stamp for as long as we live at our current apartment!

Just to add a nice finishing touch to each invitation, I've been gathering vintage postage stamps from Ebay, all of which have a botanical theme. Did you notice I threw in Thoreau for good measure?! While not every invited guest will appreciate this little "extra", I'll smile knowing that I made the invitation just a bit more unique.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Newest Upholstery Sensation: Jack White!

What would you say if I told you that Jack White (of White Stripes/marrying Karen Elson fame...) has a side job upholstering and refinishing furniture?

Yeah, that Jack White.
(via NPR)

In a recent interview with NPR, White shared his affinity for the American craftsman, as well as his own experience running a furniture business that would later influence his band The Upholsterers (yes, really, that's their name). 

He states, "We made a record we stuff into furniture that you could only get if you ripped the furniture open. We even made it on clear vinyl with transparency covers — we thought you couldn't even X-ray it to see if it was in there. I'm talking about — really, you could rip open a couch and think it's not there 'cause it's inside the foam — sliced inside the foam and slid in there. I mean, we really went to great lengths to make sure possibly no one would ever hear our record! But it's there. It's so great. It's there. There's a hundred pieces of furniture out there that have those records, and maybe one day someone will find them."

So, if you're from the Detroit area and had any upholstery done in by a fair-skinned man named Jack, check your cushions for some ultra-rare records.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Shower #1: So Many Goodies!

I mentioned last Friday that Adam and I were heading to CT for my first (of three!) bridal showers. In short: it was a wonderful time and our family and friends are just so kind and generous. We are really blessed.

As you saw yesterday, I took the day off from blogging because the whole travel/be-the-center-of-attention-for-an-afternoon-thing really took a lot out of me. I'm serious. I was spent.

But, I'm back now and ready to share a bit on some of our new gifts.

Up first, my mom gave us the L.L. Bean Seashore Cotton Blanket (in red/navy) for our bedroom. It's so soft!
and up close:
I know that I've mentioned this before, but my mom is a talented and creative sewer. She gave us two sets of pillowcases that she embroidered in a contrasting red/blue pattern to match our bedroom decor.
Aren't they lovely?
Speaking of talented women in my family, my grandmother knit this gorgeous cream afghan throw.
Her gifts were the only pieces that made me cry. 
Thanks, Gram!
These penguin salt and pepper shakers also made it home with us!
(Thanks, Alicia!)
And finally for today, we were grateful to receive many of the Heath Ceramics plates, bowls, and mugs that we registered for. We decided to go with a simple, clean collection and we are so pleased with the Heath pieces we've been given so far. They are carefully crafted and very substantial.
More to share tomorrow (like a wonderful collection of fruit-themed gifts from my sweet-but-sometimes-nutty Aunt Jan)! 

Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.
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