Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Be My Guest...Yet

Ever get so frustrated with a space that you want to just scream?

Yes? If so, continue reading. 
No? Well, you know how to control your neuroses and I don't, so we shouldn't be friends.

Still with me?

The space I'm referring to is my guest bedroom, a space that I've not spent much thought, energy or money on, really. Sure, I built a crappy bed and hung some artwork (which I still love)...but every time I walk into it I feel nothing but 'meh' about it. 

Here are some pictures. Be nice. I've come to terms with the sheer ugliness of it all. I mean, you've got to admit you have a problem before you can begin to heal, right?
It just feels like one big disconnected collection of stuff. Where do I begin? Paint? A great rug? New bedding?

The question is...how do I solve the problems I can't change? Specifically I'm thinking:
  • lack of natural light
  • crappy track lighting
  • exposed black cable cords running along the wall
  • built-in shelving that is not centered
Send good wishes my way because this is going to be an undertaking. 


  1. I love the color scheme. As far as your problems..OK, paint the cable cords white or they make little track covers you can snap over.
    I like the bedding & pillows alot!
    As far as natural light, eh, can't change that. But how about adding a ceiling fixture over the bed to distract from that? Is that a possibility, even a swag light.
    Can you paper or paint the insides of the book cases and then paint the rest of that wall to ground them? Hmmm. Let me think about it.
    You have awesome pieces in there and I like the feel it has going on, I understand about the lighting though. We have a basement guest room that I have basically given up on becasue I just can't deal with the darkness.

  2. Maybe before you set up your fun new jute rug in the living room, try in the guest room just to see what it's like. I can see something big and neutral like that doing a lot for the overall cohesion of the room. But I must say, I think this is looking mighty fine as is!

  3. I rather like it. you could just go with the lack of natural light and paint the room a deep color. maybe a slate blue/gray. I really do like it though the way it is :) you don't want your guest to stay too long. ha.

  4. I'm here to help my dear!! (Not that I think I have all the answers) when should I pop over?

    ps- I think you need some mirrors.
    pps- I NEED to see this space in person :)

  5. ppps- I totally relate and this is the story of my life.

    You should see my bedroom. Embarrassing!

  6. I just got caughht up on your posts! So fun. I didn't realize I wasn't a follower so today I became your 40th follower hah.
    Take Care,

  7. I think you have all the right elements, so maybe you just need to move them around. The bed is very inviting so move it to below the windows and move the desk below the "un-centered" shelves. You will have a great focal point and a new room! It is worth a shot and costs nothing! Happy re-arranging.

  8. I really like the room. I love the color story you have going on.

    I think April had a great suggestion. Totally move the bed over to the window wall. This way the built in won't bother you that much and it will totally look like it's meant to go with the desk/office area.

    Ok I have more suggestions, but I think this calls for an email instead.


  9. Hi Ashley, I agree w/moving the bed btwn the windows - it'll center it and that is the first thing I thought of when I looked at your pics. I think I would get different fabric for your shades to punch it up a bit. I love all your furniture pieces and love the turquoise houndstooth shams. Would love to see that color on your window shades. And, the wall currently opposite of the bed could use a floor length mirror leaning against the wall. This is fun.....good luck!

  10. I really like the simplicity of it...it's not overly styled at all and yet has a fun vibe going on. The desk, green chair and bedding are perfection. Also, you could always remove the bookshelves and track lighting. A unique chandelier would look great in this space...something crazy even. I would probably keep the walls stark white as I like the wood tones with the white. And maybe reupholster the bed frame in a vintage pattern. But seriously if you did nothing with it...it still blows some spaces I've seen out of the water. Good luck and well wishes sent!

  11. Love the idea of moving the desk under the shelves somewhere, and possibly painting. If it helps, the guest room is always the last to get attention in my house and is a dumping ground for leftovers and storage. Yours looks 100% better. It has style and quirkiness going on. You're on the right track!

  12. I think paint would be the first and easiest fix...I'm really loving that tangerine stripe across the coverlet at the edge of the bed...Maybe a completely dramatic overhaul of white/beige walls is just the picker-upper this space needs! Hope that helps, good luck...can't wait to see how it develops!


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