Monday, March 7, 2011

Some New Additions to the Apartment

There's been a few additions to my apartment recently that I've been very anxious to share with you all, and here they are!

I picked up a throw pillow from Chairloom this weekend, made from Katie Ridder's "Seaweed" print in cobalt.  My den loveseat has been desperate for another print to break up the solid charcoal linen of it and the abundant Premier Prints "Togo" dots:
Up close:
I'm completely in love with the throw pillow. It's gorgeous and ties things together nicely.

Also on my apartment's lower level: our kitchen. Last fall, I shared with you the start of my collection of cream planters that will have an important role in my wedding reception. I combined about twenty and put them proudly on display in two deep-set basement windows in our kitchen. 

Here's a glimpse of the collection above my kitchen sink:
A few weeks back, I also mentioned that I dropped off a pair of marble lamps (snagged on Ebay!) to be rewired. Well, they are back now. I'm pretty sure they are happy with their new home on the reworked sideboard. 
I love the romantic light they give off. 
Traveling upstairs to the main level of my apartment, we head to the living room.  We finally got around to hanging our Joan Miro lithograph (combined with my Wayne Pate "Urns" print for effect).
Isn't it funny how small changes, often with things lying around, can make such a large impact?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Ashley, I love all your additions! So fun! My favorite is your throw pillow - so perfect for your sofa!! So curious to where you get all your fabric??

  2. Your place looks great! Love all of the new editions. And I'm the same way, little updates feel like total transformations!

  3. You're right--there's nothing better than small tweaks that make a big impact. Love that pillow and all your art!

  4. I love the dots prints. Your house looks great!

  5. Looking good, looking real good! I have yet to hang my art. It truly does make such a difference.

  6. Love all the little updates!

    I put out my lighter, Springy throw pillows this weekend and put away the flannel sheets. It's amazing how small things can feel transformational, esp. in small apartments!

  7. Great finds! They're all lovely and unique :)

  8. love all the updates. the pillow is gorgeous. still want your dotty stools.

  9. Wow, you really rocked the hell out that that green server, those lamps are perfection! Perfect. And, I love the posters you framed, they are so happy and eclectic, great colors. I would be happy to come home there myself :)

  10. Fabulous painted desk!!! And love those togo upholstered ottomans...I'm incorporating that same pattern in black into the living room I'm redesigning. Your home is really have a great eye!!

  11. The lamps turned out great. I love the brass stool. I found one for 20 at a community yard sale and passed it up. I punched myself in the face when I got home for not getting it.

  12. Love all your additions! That pillow is beautiful!!

  13. Love your togo dots and your planters.


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