Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carnation Mobile

The days are drawing closer to my late May wedding, and I feel like with every turn I have some new idea for how I'd like our "big day" styled.

Our ceremony and reception will be held completely outside, surrounded by a lovely suburban historical park, which means that I'll have the benefit of not having to work too hard to make it look springy, casual, and natural.

While I have a lot of the details already worked out, I came across the idea for a carnation mobile centerpiece that I just adore. By who?  None other than Martha Stewart, of course.

Check it out:
How pretty!
Who wouldn't want a cascade of rich blooms greeting your party guests?

Having the floral centerpiece hanging, rather than on the table, leaves open room for all the delicious food that will be served.

Thinking of trying your hand at this? 
All you'll need are the inexpensive supplies below.
(both via Martha Stewart)

I'm even tempted to recreate this with more permanent options (i.e., dried straw flowers or even vintage millinery flowers, which I'm obsessed with lately.)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I've seen this pretty thing on Martha's site before - such a neat idea!

  2. aww I love finding things to inspire entertaining! What a perfect vignette, Martha IS amazing!


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