Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Must Be Love, Love, Love

I'm having a pretty sub-par week at work, friends; but I've got great support in Adam who always manages to give solid advice and even better hugs.

He makes me sappy and romantic and dreamy like no one else. 

He makes me want to doodle my married name on scraps of paper as if I was a teenager.

He makes me want to buy this Lokta Nepalese tear-heart paper to frame for our bedroom, which I did:

It's funny how love creeps into every aspect of our lives, influencing our behavior and our environments.

How has love shaped your space?


  1. AWE someone is getting married!! You guys make me smile.

    As for love.... No comment.

  2. Love this print; LOVE LOVE hearing about Adam + Ashley sweetness. Hope the end of your week is better than the beginning!

  3. How cute! Shows where you put it when you get it!

  4. I love The Paper Source! Their selection of wrapping paper is just fabulous and I usually buy their calendar every year, although this year I didn't like the print as much! And so sweet that your man makes you so sappy...I've been married for 10 years, so sappiness has turned into a huge support system and devotion.


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