Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Re-Trouve for Less

Who'd like a fun "look for less" on this Wednesday morning?

The bargain I've found is a nod to spring and the sunshine to come! 

I'm going share with you a few budget-conscious options for recreating the look of the Re-Trouve chairs and ottomans designed by Patricia Urquiola for Emu; but before I do, drink in the deliciousness of the original:
(via Steelcase)
(via Liever)

They invoke life on the French Rivera in the '60's or something (because, yeah, I have lots of experience with that)...I can imagine Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney recalling better times while sitting at this table in "Two For the Road".

If you don't have the $1,000+ it takes to purchase one of these spectacular designs, let me offer you a few options. For one,  Anthropologie offered their own version of the Re-Trouve chairs (for $248), which appears to be out of stock:
(via Elle Decor)

Don't get discouraged, though.
Here are some still-available pieces that offer a similiar look to the Re-Trouve chairs and ottomans at a wallet friendly price:
($149 via PB Teen)

and its matching side table/ottoman:
($99 via PB Teen)

(approximately $90 via Ebay...minus the fur)
(94GBP via Furnishing Homes)

(50GBP via Furnishing Homes)

With a little imagination, a can of spray paint, and a lot less cash, you could have the Re-Trouve style in your garden this spring.
Now, if only I had a garden...


  1. Ohh great finds! Definitely keeping these in mind for my deck

  2. You are the resourceful one aren't you? Great finds & I love the look.

  3. These are perfect for my sister's loft. She has a definite french-bohemian-lazy-afternoon chic going on in her space.

  4. PB teen has some surprisingly chic options. I need to check there more frequently!

  5. I am really liking those chairs. Unfortunately I have no place for them. I thought my sons room but I think they are more on the feminine side.

  6. Kim, I was going to say the same thing - PB teen often has some really cute, fun things! And often more reasonable than the parent store.

  7. So sweet...I'll be on the look out on CL for those from now on. I really like them in fun colors!

  8. Great finds and a fun outdoor look. (Or indoor, for that matter.)


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