Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF, 3/4/11 Edition

 It's Friday, friends! 
It's time to recharge my batteries and I can't wait. The few bunches of sunny daffodils from the supermarket already revived me, making me terribly excited that spring is really, actually, truly coming!

What's on tap for us this weekend? Aside from an annual bowling event that benefits a charity started in Adam's cousin's memory, I'll be dropping off two pieces of furniture for the fabulous Molly of Chairloom to work her magic on.

For one, my Golden Girls-esque x-bench will be reimagined in crisp blue canvas:
The second piece she'll revive is my den side chair, with legs still-to-be-amputated (for more, see here).

Speaking of Molly Andrews and Chairloom, have you checked out her feature in Whole Living? Here are just a few fun photos, but be sure to check out the article for more about Molly and her thoughtful take on renewing once-tired antique upholstered pieces.

Congratulations to Molly for all the well-deserved attention!

Happy weekend, blog readers!


  1. Have a lovely weekend. Jealous over the x-benches -even in the Golden Girls state!

  2. Love the tablecloth (runner?!) your pretty flowers are sitting on!

  3. J--it's from Hammocks and High Tea. It's just a tea towel that I've had for awhile and love too much to rotate for any other linens!

  4. I've got to meet this lady!! Enjoy bowling... it's one of my favorite pastimes :)

  5. Thanks for the intro to Molly. Will definitely check the article. Have a great weekend.


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