Friday, July 29, 2011

TGIF, 7/29/11 Edition

Welcome to Friday, everyone.
Before I sign off for the weekend, allow me to direct your attention to the Hugo Guinness prints currently discounted at Jayson Home & Garden!

For the writers among us:
 For the geniuses among us:

Guinness's artwork pops up in many of the most popular house tours that circulate across the blogosphere. Check out some of the spaces adored with Hugo Guinness artwork:

Rita Konig hung several pieces above her fireplace in her former apartment:

Soft serenity is the effect of this image, which appeared in Domino:

Kate and Andy Spade are avid collectors of Guinness's work:
(via The Selby)

The Guinness linocuts add to the whole laissez-faire of this room, which appeared in Matchbook Magazine:

Back in January when I visited the John Derian store in New York, I could hardly pull myself away from the Hugo Guinness pieces that functioned like one big collage.
(via me)

Now, hurry on over to Jayson Home & Garden and score yourself a deal...and while you're at it, grab me one, too!

Happy weekend, friends. 
Adam and I are off to Connecticut for a much-overdue visit with my parents. 
Tah-tah 'til Monday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Bella Foster Prints!

Imagine my complete and utter joy when I discovered that Wayne Pate's online shop will be offering another Bella Foster print that is totally up my alley. The piece above, entitled "Central Park," will be available soon!

The world, and certainly our apartment, is a prettier place with Bella Foster's artwork in it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Patterns at Play

Patterns are a recurrent element throughout my home and I thought it would be fun to share with you a photo survey of many (though not all!) of my favorites.

Alan Campbell + estate sale rug
Wayne Pate's "Urns"
Framed Madeline Weinrib remnant
Abstract embroidery by moi
Mid-century Danish tray and Zara Home dish keep my bedside tidy
Roberta Roller Rabbit curtains and Rubie Green chair
Dash & Albert rug
Hearts and pillows
L.L. Bean blanket
Bathroom tile or New York Times Crossword puzzle?
Togo dots in den
Suzani from Greece; wool blanket from Ebay
Dash & Albert rug
Stripes and zigzags
Favorite stripes: Hudson Bay Blanket
This print may be reimagined in our guest bedroom
Thrifted wool rug with a unique set of shapes
Why am I so drawn to patterns and prints?
Part of the appeal of prints and patterns is that they serve a seemingly contradictory purpose: they add layers of coziness and comfort while also adding visual interest and excitement.

If you scanned your home, would you find a lot of patterns and prints too? Can you relate?

P.S. Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Blogger did not want to cooperate...just as it did last Friday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Skirting the Issue (or How I Hacked a Bedskirt)

 This weekend, I whipped up a tailored bedskirt after being inspired by these bedskirt hacks from Chez Larsson and Bromeliad. This skirt was made from the same cotton print as the 4 pillowcases I sewed for the guest bedroom and was very easy to construct.

What's needed to create your own (for a full bed):
  • 4 yards of fabric (this fabric was only 44" wide)
  • sewing machine, thread, pins
  • full size plain white bedskirt
Step 1: Measure the 3 sides of your boxspring, specifically the overall length and the width from the top of the boxspring to the floor. For the long sides of the boxspring, add approximately 3" to the length. There's no need to add any extra inches to the short side of the mattress. Cut your fabric into 3 panels according to these measurements.

Step 2: Before beginning to sew, iron your 3 fabric panels carefully. This saves you a headache down the road.

Step 3: Introduce the sewing machine! Run a simple straight stitch along 3 sides of each panel. No need to sew the 4th side of each panel because it will be tucked under your mattress.

Step 4: Put the sewing aside and place your plain white bedskirt on your boxspring. Place your mattress back onto the boxspring. The white bedskirt will serve as a guide and liner for the thinner printed panels you just finished sewing.

Step 5: Tuck your panels along the long side of the mattress first. Because you added 3" to the length of these long side, they will be tucked around the front corners of the bed and be layered under the front panel. Smooth out wrinkles and adjust so they only graze the floor. No pins needed!

Step 6: Take your front fabric panel (smallest of the 3) and center it on the front of the bed. Tuck this piece under the mattress.

Voila! Finished!
You've now made a custom tailored bedskirt from three fabric panels.
 The three panels aren't actually connected to each other in any way, but they sure do look like they are!
Like it? 
My guest bedroom is really taking shape, and I'm glad I've taken the DIY route.

Cream sheets and a fun richly-printed coverlet are next.
More on these additions to come!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Report: The New York Times Book of Interior Design & Decoration

 It's been far too long since I've shared with you a new addition to my somewhat irregular feature called "Book Report" (for more of my reports, see here, here, or here), so I'll correct that today by sharing a review of a new-to-me book: The New York Times Book of Interior Design & Decorating by Norma Skura.

This treasure of a book was published in 1978 and it exemplifies the phrase 'an oldie but goodie'. It is a dense book with a lot of information and guidance on decorating that is broken down in useful bits (i.e., investing in quality furniture, using color confidently, determining your direction/style).

Some of the topic areas included:
For as much text as is in the book, there is also a substantial amount of images that cover a breadth of styles. Many, even 30+ years later, provide inspiration for our modern spaces. 
If these images were cut and pasted into next month's issue of Elle Decor, Veranda or House Beautiful, I wouldn't bat an eye.
All told, the book represents styles across the spectrum--from traditional to sleek. Many of the rooms are attributed to designers that we all know and love (think Albert Hadley, Sister Parish, David Hicks, Mario Buatta), and there is a reason why these designs have staying power.

But enough of that...what you want to see are the pictures, am I right?

How do I get my hands on that rug?
The footed tables (below) has Kathy's name all over it!
Antlers are an accessory that seem to be timeless...and don't even get me started on that floor!
I could easily see this Tory Burch moving into this room. Moire wallpaper? Are you serious?!
I'm dying for someone to recreate this canopy bed that appears to be constructed of pipe fittings:
The blend of prints in this room make me very, very happy, even if the fabric canopy is a bit dowdy.
Who wouldn't appreciate the brazen use of pink in this room?
If I've piqued your interest in this book, it can be yours for practically pennies. There are many used copies available across the web, and definitely worth checking out. I bought my copy for $3 on Saturday at an estate sale and am very pleased with my investment. 
...but, I really must run...more advice to absorb from this book...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Decorators Collection

Pardon my ignorance for a second, folks, but it appears that Home Decorators Collection has...dare I say it?...some chic offerings. I came to this revelation while tooling around the interwebs recently in an exhaustive search for the perfect guest bedroom side table [Editor's Note: this perfect table still eludes me].

Despite the fact that I made no headway on purchasing an ideal nightstand, I did manage to find many other kinda cool things at Home Decorators Collection. Check 'em out:

Sure, you may have to sift through some crap, but Home Decorators Collection pleasantly surprised me.
Have you ever purchased anything from HDC?

P.S. Thank you for your kind words about my a) job and b) wedding pictures
You all are too sweet for words. Consider this an internet hug from me to you all!
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