Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Bedroom Curtain Reveal!

Happy Monday, everyone! I've missed you all while in Canada and I'm planning on spending some major time catching up on your postings that I missed while away.

Vacation was spent working on some projects for our guest bedroom, which you'll remember I've been unhappy with for far too long. One project is ready to be revealed...are you ready?
Don't my new curtains look great? 

I sought your advice, readers, on this project, as you may recall. I wanted to recreate the look of Anthropologie's "Toorie" curtains for much less, and I found that 1 set of Ikea's Aina curtain panels and some ruby red 5/8" pompom trim was exactly what I needed.
 Naomi smartly reminded me to pay attention to quality when it came to the curtain panels, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the texture and weight of the fabric.

I took my time hemming and narrowing the original 2 panels, and found that 4 panels were more appropriately sized for the small casement-style windows in our guest bedroom. So, I simply divided the 2 panels into 4. To give you an idea, 2 57" x 98" panels became 4  28.5" x 85" panels.
With all that unglamorous work out of the way, I added the pop of fun pompom trim. 
 My new sewing machine certainly got some mileage.
You'll note that I only added trim to one side of each panel (unlike the Anthropologie curtains, which have trim on both sides). I'm still wondering if I want to add trim to completely replicate the look of the "Toorie" panels. 

What say you?
 And remember the metal floral-shaped sculpture from Etsy I included from my guest bedroom mood board
Well, I bought it and it's just the perfect piece of "found" art.
 Before I get too proud for my hard work, I have to show you that the rest of the room isn't as pretty...just take a look:
I'm making huge strides on this room and I'll be sharing my work bit by bit all week. 
Hope you enjoy the progress as much as I am!


  1. Oh, love what you created! That little dose of red pom-pom trip is great! I think I would keep it as you have it-- versus add another side of trim...Take care, Caroline

  2. Welcome Back!! Ashley, great job!! It always feels so good when you finally see your room coming together!!

  3. Was this your first project on your sewing machine?! So impressive!

  4. I have been planning on doing something similar for a while. Glad to see it turned out so well.

  5. Wow. Love what you've done. The pom-poms have so much personality.

    The rest of the room is coming along pretty good too.

  6. These look fantastic! Props to you for making it happen and props to Ikea for not making crappy quality curtains :)

    Welcome back!! So I'm away pretty much every weekend until mid-August, but if you ever want to squeeze in a week day gathering let me know.

  7. It looks so good! I love pom pom trim. I feel like it makes everything happy and playful. Well done!

  8. Very nice! The room looks great!

  9. Wow wow wow! I love the way these came out!
    I've had "add trim to office curtains" on my to do list for far to you've completely inspired me!

  10. A very late welcome back to you! Your vacation spot looked amazing. How fun to stay in a home that you weren't constantly trying to redecorate:)

    Your curtains look fantastic! The pop of red was the perfect touch. Look out Anthro.

  11. The curtains look great! I think adding the trim on the other side would look even more fabulous, although they look lovely with just the one.

  12. Ashley, thanks for pointing me to this post--love the way your curtains turned out! Also, thanks for getting me back to your blog. I'll be reading regularly once again!



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