Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Danielle of Fresh Quince

It's rare for me to find a kindred spirit in this world, and I have certainly found one in Danielle of Fresh Quince, today's special guest. Danielle proudly earns the title of the Queen of Craigslist because, let me tell you, this lady has an eagle eye for secondhand finds. Let's all say hi to Danielle!

Hi everyone! Danielle here from Fresh Quince. Summer to me is time to get out of the house and soak up the sun. My ten year old son thinks so too and that is why the first thing I think about is swimming in a pool. Every year I day dream about building a natural pool in my backyard and having parties all summer long (with lots of supervision for the kids of course...I'm a tad bit paranoid.) A natural or 'green' pool requires no chemicals to maintain, instead it uses water circulation through organic filters and plants to keep it bacteria free. I don't know about you all, but I hate what chlorine does to my skin. So here are few inspirational summer time natural pool images that I have saved and drool over every year...


This is probably the only pool that would fit in my backyard...



So bucolic...



Just imagine...


I'm off in dream land again. Thanks so much Ashley for having me guest post! I wish you all a wonderful sun filled and happy Summer!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Dina of Honey + Fitz

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the first taste of the summer season. I'm truly honored to have the lovely Dina of Honey + Fitz at the helm today, sharing with us pretty summer seasonal inspiration. 
Welcome, Dina!

I am so thrilled to be guest blogging for Ashley while she's off honeymooning it up in Greece! There are no words to express my jealousy. It is one of the most magical places I have ever been but unfortunately, the feta cheese in my favorite watermelon & feta salad is the closest I'll be getting to Greece this summer!

Summer is far and away my favorite season. I get excited for summer the way only someone who grew up in New England could. In Massachusetts, summer is a fleeting and magical 12 weeks. And then POOF! It's gone and you're shoveling snow again. Now I live in the South where summer drags on...and on...and on. It goes on so long, you forget what it's like to wear socks! While I definitely don't mind, for me the arrival of the summer season will always bring back memories of Red Sox games, Del's lemonades and lobster rolls all accented by the ubiquitous salt air smell of a Cape Cod beach.
A clapboard house surrounded by lush hydrangeas with an ocean view everywhere you turn - summer perfection in my book!
Of course my little haven by the sea would have its own winding path through the dunes to a quiet sliver of beach.
After a day of sand, sun and salt water, we'd all enjoy the perfect summer meal on the deck. No silverware required, just lobster crackers, wine and friends!

After dinner, we'd keep the outdoor fun going with a movie, some s'mores or maybe just catching lightening bugs. This is my fantasy and in it, I've obliterated mosquitoes from the face of the planet!

aaaaaah! Doesn't that just sound like the greatest day EVER? Now someone please invite me to your beach house! If you've enjoyed playing along with my little fantasy, follow me over on Pinterst where I pinned these and many more inspirational images of everything from beach houses to kid's rooms.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Julie of Fresh Basil

 It's finally Friday, friends! We're lucky enough to have my very-long-time friend, Julie from the blog Fresh Basil, share with us her summertime must-haves. Julie is a wonderfully talented friend who provided the much-needed encouragement to start this very blog. I hope you take some time to check out her unique perspective at Fresh Basil.
Take it away, Julie!

Many thanks to my sweet newlywed friend for inviting me to post on Meet Me in Philadelphia today! I'm so thrilled to help her mind the shop while she's off on her fabulous honeymoon.

Since Ashley and Adam are galavanting around Greece (and the rest of us are counting down to the first long-weekend of summer!), I thought it would be fun to put together a little collection of some favorite summer-time goodies.

1. Out of Africa, by Isak Dineson: I don't like reading books set in the location I'm currently in (i.e. I hate reading books that take place in NYC while I'm home). Unless you're headed to Africa this year for your summer vacation, this is a fantastic book about an adventurous, inspiring woman. Lions and tigers and...coffee farming? Oh my.

2. Vanicream Sunscreen: My absolute favorite sunscreen. It's the only one I've ever used that actually works for an entire day; no need to reapply. Also, perfect for super-sensitive skin!

3. Copperhead Snake Print Tieks: During my childhood, I spent a great deal of time to teasing my mom about the crazy metallic sandals she just couldn't part with. Now that I'm older and wiser, I've seen the light. Metallics go with everything, making them the perfect summer vacation shoe. These get bonus points for folding into a little pouch for easing toting!

4. Bandeau Shirred One-Piece Swimsuit: Three of my girlfriends (all with dramatically different body types!) have a version of this shirred one-piece suit, and it looks amazing on all of them. I'm now convinced it's the most universally flattering style out there.

5. Vibrant Springtime Scarf: I loathe super charged air conditioning systems, but alas, it seems they're here to stay. This pretty scarf is the perfect thing for a little extra coverage inside too-cool buildings.

6. Packable Crushable Travel Sun Hat: I'm a new but highly enthusiastic member of the large-sun-hat team. I have one just like this that flattens out when packed up for a trip, but regains it's shape perfectly when you're ready to wear it again!

What about you ladies -- any fun summer-time goodies you're loving these days? Do share!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Heather of My Many Moments

The adorable Heather of My Many Moments is with us today. Heather is superlatively sweet and I've gushed many times about how she's able to score some of the most unique thrifted finds out there. With no further ado...

Whether you are having a Summer wedding, a quaint garden party, or having a Sunday BBQ with friends, we want to make sure we do it in style, right?  Over the years of throwing parties and entertaining I have stumbled across some great resources for any event. I thought with Summer just around the corner,  I would share them with you.

1. BHLDN - This is my new website obsession of mine! Anthropologie has a fabulous wedding line, and with it they launched this new website filled with chic decorations that would work for any party, not just weddings.
Here are just a few of my favorites from the website.

2. I also have a slight obsession with Poms! I think they add a ton of character and whimsy to any party.  Fiesta Pom Pom is my go to Etsy store for them. They are very reasonably priced and come in a variety of colors. You will be in Pom heaven!

3. For inspiration and decorating ideas I head over to Oh Happy Day blog. They show step by step instructions for all kinds of fun projects like birthday hats and pop up invitations. I like these streamers they featured.

4. I know we all love to hate her but when you're good, you're good...Martha Stewart. I find myself before every party stealing ideas from this woman. Her website should be saved to your favorites. From adorable gift wrapping ideas, to great, cheap and easy centerpieces, she is really a one stop shop. I find myself planning my whole menu on the recipes alone.
Hope these sources got your mind simmering up the perfect event!
Whatever your plans are for this Summer, I hope the time is spent with good food, in good company with great decorations!
Thanks for having me Ashley!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Naomi of Design Manifest

Last summer when I kicked blogging into high-gear, one of the most supportive early readers was the lovely Naomi of Design Manifest, who is a fellow Philadelphian and a great partner in thrifting. So happy to have you here, Naomi!
Good Morning! I'm Naomi and I'm delighted to be filling in while Ashley is off getting married and enjoying her 'moon in Greece. While I don't have a vacation to look forward to myself, I can take comfort in the fact that summer is just around the corner.

Something about summer makes me a little softer. I want to sleep late, frolic outdoors, take long bike rides, dine alfresco, and enjoy lingering sunsets.  Throw in just a little adventure (say camping and a road trip) a little quest for knowledge (give me a hammock and a pile of books) and of course a decorating project or two... and I'm a happy girl.

This summer I'm inspired by a touch of boho, soft corals, peaches and pinks, the great outdoors and tolix chairs.  Oh and tree houses.  Can't forget tree houses.

Thanks for indulging me!  And Ashley, Darling, have the most amazing two weeks!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Kathy of My Interior Life

As I promised yesterday, I am blessed to have a series of very talented bloggers stepping in for me while I'm away. I'm thrilled to have Kathy of My Interior Life because, admittedly, it took me several months of "lurking" to build up the nerve to comment on Kathy's blog (seriously). My gal Kathy has a fantastic eye. Now, with that introduction, take it away Kathy!
Hi, it's Kathy from My Interior Life. I'm so honored to be filling in for Ashley as she's off enjoying her honeymoon in Greece (lucky girl!). In the days leading up to Memorial Day, it's the perfect time to think about summer and what inspires me.

As the hazy, lazy (and in Nashville, downright stifling) days of summer start to creep in, my mind wanders to a more laid back state of mind. No rushing out the door to school and activities. A more leisurely pace. These images capture that feeling and are a breath of fresh air . . .
Doesn't this porch just make you want to sip a cool beverage and read a book?
Simply sweet and divine spun fiberglass set. Ah, to live in California and have my own adorable surfboard. Not to actually surf on, but as a styling prop of course.

This photo is like visual valium to me. I can practically feel the sand between my toes as I prop my feet up on the ottoman. Ah . . .
Someone bring me a Mai Tai!

Speaking of relaxing, I just picked up this today at the store . . .
My blood pressure went down a few points just looking at the cover. Then, this showed up in my mailbox making it official . . .
I am ready for summer! Both are required reading to get ready for the season.

Some other necessities for a great summer . . . 
A fun top/outfit that can go from poolside to dinner. This is one I picked up at Anthropologie with my Mother's Day gift card last week.

And since I live nowhere near a beach (but I love it so), a scented candle is the perfect way to bring a little beachiness to my suburban home. Jonathan Adler makes some great ones reminiscent of favorite beaches . . .
Lastly, I like to lighten and brighten my house up a bit by changing out darker accessories for lighter ones. Nothing drastic, just a little something here and there. Of course, fresh flowers make a big impact any time of year.
How do you get ready for summer?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Reader, I Married Him

(married me! via a friend's Facebook album)

To steal a line from one of my favorite books,"Reader, I married him."

I am over the moon that my best friend, my greatest ally, my perfect counterpoint is now my husband.

In my honeymooning absence (which starts today), you will be treated to a host of guest posts from a collection of talented bloggers starting tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing all of their brilliant points of view, and sharing with you wedding and honeymoon details when I return!

Friday, May 20, 2011

TGIF, 5/20/11 Edition

(via Once Wed)

I can't believe today is finally here! In just a few short hours, Adam and I will be at our rehearsal and enjoying the last few moments of our engagement.

This weekend may be the most special weekend I've chronicled yet here on this blog. 

It has been such a pleasure sharing this process with such an abundantly-supportive group of bloggers. From the bottom of my heart, I have been sincerely touched by your thoughtful emails and comments during the past  week.

I am beyond excited to share more of my wedding day with you all in the coming weeks and, until then, thank you for your loving and kind words during this special time for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Meet and Greet" Me at My Many Moments!

Today, my wonderfully-sweet blog friend Heather of My Many Moments has highlighted lil' ol' me on her feature "Meet and Greet"

If you've just been dying to know what I look like (eek...I'm insecure! Be kind!) and where I blog from, hurry over to Heather's "Meet and Greet" here. And while you're there, plan on spending some time exploring her fabulous archive of posts. 

Thank you, Heather!
You're such a doll and I adore your unique contribution to the blogworld.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rest of My Life Starts Today

Okay, so I'm being dramatic with the title of this post, but it's partially true. My vacation begins at 5PM today, which signals full-tilt wedding focus until Saturday when I get married, and then...

BOOM! I'm married.

That's worthy of dramatic "rest of my life"-kinda talk, I think.
Had it my way, I'd be maxing and relaxing on one of these right now:
(Amarcord deck chair via The Wall Street Journal)

On a related note, I'm contemplating a job change rather soon. 
If you love or like me at all, could you send good wishes my way?

I'm not 100% sure what's next for me, but I'm hopeful. 
Lots of life changes happening...all of which are good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Dream: Inside Jason Schwartzman's Home

Do you have long-sustained celebrity crushes that, upon reflection, are just really bizarre? No? Well, I do and I'm not really embarrassed to admit that my favorite male celebrity is not Brad, George, Johnny, or that pale guy from "Twilight."

Instead, I'm all about the Schwartzman; Jason Schwartzman, that is.

Jason Schwartzman is a delightful, cultured and sub-cultured member of Hollywood royality...and he's just plain adorable 
[editor's note: that last statement is fact and not opinion].
(This man is totally adorable; via The Look See)

Imagine my delight when Elle.com recently shared enough photos of Schwartzman's home to whet my hungry fan's appetite. Okay, sure, the article really was a feature on Schwartzman's fashion designer wife Brady Cunningham, but the take-aways for me were the snippets of Schwartzman domestic life. 

These vingnettes ooze old-Hollywood money and a cool-kid, in-the-know kind of vibe:
I'll take the books, Jens Risom chair, and Proenza Schouler bag, please.

Jason probably reads "Bored to Death" scripts on this aging Chesterfield.

Loving the easy, relaxed look dominating the bedroom
(oh, and the one-of-a-kind Rodarte).

And what hip home is complete without a personalized gallery wall?
(all images via Elle.com)

What celebrity's home do you want to peak inside?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy for Caspari

Certainly you know the stationary- and entertaining-brand Caspari, maker of boxed cards, printed napkins, and other goodies you need to host a wonderful soiree.

I was scoping out some of their printed paper products (specifically, seating cards for a last-minute change in options for my wedding) and found so many unique home goods that would add some flair to my home, and perhaps yours.

Currently, I'm loving:

Just a sampling of the goodies I'm really contemplating purchasing post-nuptials. 
Happy Monday...and 5 days 'til my wedding!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

TGIF, 5/13/11 Edition

(via Vogue.com)

Happy Friday...er, Saturday, friends!
Blogger's breakdown on Thursday and Friday really threw me for a loop, so now I wanted to share with you what-would-have-been my post for yesterday.

  • Tonight my parents journey down from Connecticut to help with last-minute preparation and details for our wedding, which is just one short week away!
  • I also wanted to take a minute a give a shout-out to my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Jenna, who is off enjoying her senior prom tonight. She's a gorgeous and smart girl and I'm sure she will look fantastic in her spangly flapper-esque prom dress
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

DIY Lighting Fixture Revealed--Finally!

 Almost three months ago, I shared with you part 1 of an interesting lighting project straight out of the Home Depot electrical/plumbing aisles. Jenny of Little Green Notebook also featured this coral-inspired lighting project and just this week, I finally got around to having it hung in our bedroom.

First, let me just say that Adam and I know our DIY limits, and so we called in Adam's very savvy dad Ed to help us. He must have felt sorry for us (given, you know, our leak) and obliged. 

Step 1: Remove our "builder's special" fixture.
Step 2: Say mean and nasty things to the fixture you are removing.

Let this be a warning to you, kids: Just Say No [to ugly fixtures].
Step 3: Secure a porcelain outlet mount to the ceiling, and connect to your original wiring.

The requisite "electrical" shot:
Step 4: Screw your chandelier into the outlet mount (just like you'd screw in a lightbulb).

Finally...let there be light!
This fixture can really be changed depending on whether I want a small- or large-scale light. I can easily add pieces to it if I want a bigger impact. It really has a coral-type feel, and I love it.
And, once more before I go, a great close up shot:
How do you like it?

If you have specific questions about installing this fixture, send me an email and I'll do my best to get some reasonable directions for you to follow (from Ed, of course!). It only took about 15 minutes to take down the original fixture and replace it with the new coral chandelier.

What a difference 15 minutes makes, huh?
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