Monday, March 28, 2011

Rug Rotation

'Member last week when I shared with you my new entryway rug?
Well, never one to leave a good thing alone, I managed to find another rug (also appropriate for my entrance) this weekend while visiting a few local thrift stores with my soon-to-be sister-in-law (Hi, Jenna!)

Found for only $85, this little vintage wool beauty is a bit smaller than the first rug but is oh-so-soft.
Check it out:
I know what you're thinking: No, you can't have my $78 Heritage Unlimited rug. 
It's staying with us...just moving somewhere else in the apartment.
Perhaps it will move to the kitchen...
What do you think?
Speaking of rugs, I also ordered a nice neutral jute rug (about 9'x11') to layer with the rug in our living room. I decided long ago that layering was a must given that the area rug in the room was so small. It really irked me that most of my living room furniture was "floating."
I'm hoping that the jute rug (yet to arrive) will ground the space and provide additional visual interest.
Lots and lots of rug-talk today! 
Opinions wanted: Where should all my new rugs go?


  1. Oh, I do love those! I have an antique runner in my kitchen by the sink and a tiny one in my powder room.

  2. clearly rug-tastic. I'm so impressed with your bargains!

  3. You are one lucky rug person! I mean really, those prices are unheard of. I think any arrangement works and the good thing is they are all so interchangeable.

  4. Love layering rugs! Can't wait to see your jute layered under the other. It will be fabulous! I think either rug would look great in the entry. Switch them around and just see which one strikes your fancy. And, okay, what fabric is that on the little pillow in your chair in your living room. I know you've discussed it before, I'm just too lazy to go search for it. Seems like I have it in my inspiration files. Thanks!

  5. Kathy--The pillow fabric is David Hicks' Herbert Carnation! Bought the remnant on Ebay and will be finishing the pillow someday soon...!

  6. Thank you! Yes, I thought it was David Hicks' - should have known! Can't wait to see your finished pillow!

  7. I love them in the kitchen and the hallway. I feel like the livingroom needs something bigger since you have a big sectional. They have a beautiful color and would give the rooms a statement. The David Hicks fabric is to die for!

    BTW, just found your blog and now following...hope you can stop by and follow.


  8. Love your bargain rugs! You are making me want one!

  9. L O V E your rugs! I am a big fan. I love how even though they are different patterns they all go so well together.
    Love your blog!


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