Monday, March 21, 2011

Pulitzer Prints

(Ms. Pulitzer via Simplified Bee)

Let me start by saying I am not a "Lilly Girl". I imagine I would look terrible in the trademark Lily Pulitzer pink-and-lime color combination. I've never been to Palm Beach.

However, I am a sucker for a fun print, and Lilly Pulitzer certainly offers a wide variety of peppy prints to perk up even the darkest March day. And with her soon-to-be-released furniture line, your home could be prepped-out, too!

Surprisingly, I'm digging the high-back pink love seat and the soft and subtle butter yellow daybed...

The shape and detail work of this chair is fantastic!

And certainly many of us swooned over this tassel-print ottoman in House Beautiful:

So, what exactly turned me on to Lilly Pulitzer? 
What opened my eyes to the possibility of Palm Beach prints?

This set of 4 cerulean and black Lilly pillows, purchased from The Bee's Nest in Havertown, PA:
I love the unique lion-playing-violin print. 
Before you ask, no, I have no where to put them. 
I bought them last summer and have kept them in my closet for the "future"...practical, huh? 
But, really, how could I pass these up?
What about you, are you open to adding some Lilly Pulitzer prints to your home?


  1. I'm so surprised at how much I love her collection. Beautiful!

  2. Oh, I absolutely would! I love fresh vibrant color and would give a limb for that pink high-back settee!

  3. A little Lilly goes a long way, so yes, I would add a little here and there. Love your pillows. I think they'd be great in a future nursery? No pressure.

  4. You've been hoarding those adorable Lilly pillows for almost a year?! Make them work; they are too cute to hide!

    I LOVE the Lilly bathroom stuff. I feel like it's easier to go a bit crazy with a shower curtain/bathmat than say, a sofa (cute as those are!).

  5. Love your pillows! Happy Monday!

  6. Yes...I have a Lilly skirt that I bought when I was 19, should I admit that it is over 15 years old now? Does this mean it's vintage? What ever the case I love it and have kept it even though it no longer fits. Either I keep it for my daughter (that I don't have) or I make it into a pillow...we'll see. And I would have bought those pillows too...just lovely!

  7. Those pillows are in the closet? Maybe you should pull them out for at touch of spring.

  8. I'm diggin on a preppy bohemian style these days. Maybe not obvious friends, but why not? Lily's line would be perfect for this. Wonder how expensive it is?

  9. Love the pillows, that print was designed by Suzie Zuzek dePoo. It's beautiful!


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