Monday, May 17, 2010

House Tour, Part 1: The Living Room

For your consideration, readers, please peruse photos of our living room, which I've finally gotten around to snapping. While I am the type of person to hold off on sharing such pictures until everything is just perfect and all projects are done, that just isn't the way to live so, please, be gentle.

I love our living room. It feels comfortable and cozy, and combines a variety of prints (which I love!).

Our couch, an NYC Craigslist find, is by Mitchell-Gold and sits atop a rusty wool rug from It is flanked by a $30 Ebay end table and a $65 coffee table (a bit tall, but we love it) that we bought at Philly's own Hello Home. The lamp on our end table is from Home Goods.

The framed piece above the couch was purchased on Ebay for about $100. When I picked it up from the seller on the Upper West Side, I was told it once hung in the Kate Spade store in Soho. The zig-zag piece to the right of the couch is a remnant from Madeline Weinrib.

The matching directors chairs are another NYC Craigslist find. We purchased them from a couple on the Upper West Side who definitely had a bit of a hoarding problem. Adam and I walked out of their building, folded chairs in hand, and said to each other, "Let's never get that way." Agreed.

The last picture, below, is the view from our entry way, which I've partitioned off with help from the old stand-by, the Ikea Expedit. It works well to create a sense of a foyer; plus, it also helps me hold on to all those books I accumulated during college and a decade-long obsession with thrift store book selections.

You'll also see Adam's baby, his HDTV, which sits atop a CB2 slim profile coffee table that works as our media center. I wanted something unobtrusive; Adam just wanted storage to hide all of his X-box games. Despite our differing priorities, this piece serves both our needs.

More rooms to come!

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  1. Love this space! I just found your blog and love what you're doing! Congrats on your upcoming wedding - hope you enjoy every minute and breathe it all in!


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