Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impressing the Fam

I don't know about you, readers, but when my parents or extended family come to visit us in Philadelphia, I feel compelled to impress them, to show them that I'm not only an adult, but I'm a pretty great adult. I'm an adult who lays out towels in the guest bedroom, spreads blooming peonies in vases around the apartment, and plans wonderfully delectable meals for all to enjoy.

This is, after all, not an every day occurrence. Family visits are special.

On Thursday, my mom, dad, and grandmother will be traveling from Connecticut for a visit. Considering my parents haven't seen our apartment since a week after we moved in, I have been buzzing around after work making sure everything is just "so."

So far I have the following meal ideas, all via Martha. For Thursday, I'm thinking:

(image via Martha Stewart)

(image via Martha Stewart)

Readers, do you have any special things you do to prepare for special visitors? Any great summery recipes you want to share?

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