Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Craft, Round 2: Pompom Garland

Last week, Meg over at Elsie Marley held a week-long series in which she offered easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make the most lovely handmade ornaments. I stumbled across her blog when I saw this straw and pompom garland craft and was instantly smitten with every single project she has in her extensive blog archives (seriously, check out her talent here).

Her straw and pompom garland got me thinking that I could make something similar with materials around my apartment. So today I share with you my version of the pompom garland!

I started with three basic supplies:
  • red wool yarn (I used Paton's Classic Wool in a cranberry red)
  • 3 strands of wooden beads/garland I swiped from Mom's
  • red/white paper straws (I used Jack & Lulu's Stripey Straws)
I also had a long-unused pompom maker in my craft drawer and set out to make some pompoms of my own.

After making several pompoms (make that several thousand...), I snipped the string the wooden beads were strung on and cut the paper straws into smaller pieces (about 2" long).

Without a plan, I began stringing. I settled on a pattern and strung and strung and strung (not a bad activity while watching old 90210 episodes).

For each of the 3 strands I created unique patterns. Each banister of my apartment has a different configuration of beads, pompoms and stripey straws.

I also got around to hanging our stockings. Adam and I didn't have stockings of our own, so we decided upon Hable Construction for Garnet Hill's Elegant Eyelet Stocking in ivory (*they were on sale for $22 last weekend!*).

There's one banister left to finish in our apartment, but I love the results and even loved the mindless activity that didn't require too much focus to finish.

Hope you like it!
How are your Christmas crafts coming along?


  1. Looks great and I like the stockings too.

  2. Thanks, Mom. Glad you gave me those beaded garlands last year--they came in handy!

  3. These look fantastic! I can't wait to see them in person in a few short weeks!

  4. YAYAYAYAY! SO happy you are coming!

  5. So cute, Ashley! Your banister w/the stockings looks great! Guess what? I ended up getting Hable Construction stockings too from Garnet Hill. As much as I wanted the designer fabric ones - I just couldn't see myself giving my son a Chiang Mai stocking! So, I got those whimsical ones w/the graphic designs!

  6. Ha, Fran, I love that! Great minds, I tell you...


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