Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Bringing Camelback

Lately I've been stopped in my tracks every time I spot a good use of the timeless, classic camelback sofa. When the stuffy ruffled skirts are removed and some leg is shown, these sofas lend themselves to a variety of settings and styles.

(Domino via Material Girls)

(Spruce Austin's revitalized camelback sofa)

(A Tom Sheerer room via Bromeliad)

(Ruthie Sommers uses a camelback sofa, featured in House Beautiful)

(via I Suwanee)

(Domino via Style Court)

(Katy Elliott adds a camelback sofa to her period home)

(via Elle Decor--love the pop of cobalt!)

While the last thing I need right now is another sofa, I can clearly imagine coming back to this sofa shape for my future home.

My favorite uses of this style involve the traditional lines of the camelback offset by a jazzy print, a graphic rug, or a modern side table.
There's a reason classics never go out of style, right?


  1. Ashley, totally agree! Next house, I'm buying a camelback sofa of craigs list and re-upholstering it!! Love your images!

  2. Love the green one with white hexagon table. A camelback sofa in an eclectic space is fab. The same sofa in an overly traditional room makes me want to barf.

    But this is pretty much true of any furniture piece :)

  3. They really are sort of terrific, aren't they?

  4. Girl! I hear you. I have on in my living room, it was a hard sell with the hubs, let me tell you! I love that pink one form Domino, I made up a whole imaginary girly flat based on that one happy place in a New York (west side) apt...sigh


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