Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Kid at Heart

When the holidays roll around, I find myself reverting back to the childlike wonder that my adult cynicism clouds most of the year.

I'm always excited to see gift guides aimed at the perfect present for your progeny. If I had a little one of my own, these would be my first picks:

A collection of wooden animals by German company Holztiger:
(Holztiger llama, $13)

A wooden canoe for bathtub- or pond-sailing:

(European canoe boat, $10)

A teepee for hiding out:

(6' canvas teepee, $100)

A tree fort for entertaining elven friends:
(Tree fort kit, $255)

A Bambi of your child's very own:

(Hansa bambi deer, $200)

And last but not least, a chewable stocking stuffer:

No, I don't have a baby on the way...
I just love looking at children's toys and imagining the fun I'll have in the future.
To babies, kiddos, and the holiday season!


  1. The best part of Christmas shopping is shopping for the kids!! Sophie is great - highly recommend her!!

  2. That canoe is amazing-I want one!

    I bought the sophie giraffe for my sister and I definitely plan on getting one for me when I have kids!

  3. That tree looks like so much fun! If only there was room for it on my on my desk so I could take breaks and play.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I love looking at children's toys and was particularly smitten by the canoe and the teepee...who needs a child to have fun toys around the house!?


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