Friday, December 17, 2010

TGIF, 12/17/10 Edition

(Tape tree via Bloesem Kids via VT-Wonen)

We are just a week away from Christmas Eve, can you believe it? There's so many things to look forward to this weekend, including:
  • Our holiday celebration. It's happening Saturday and I can't wait to catch up with friends from near and far.
Before I can enjoy the weekend, I have an afternoon date with a radiologist:
  • It turns out my test on Wednesday was inconclusive, so I'm scheduled for a CAT scan today. I'm nervous, friends, I really am. I'm deluding myself that a CAT scan doesn't involve radiation or an IV, but careful examination by a group of competent feline doctors...
(via Cracked)

Something tells me, though, that HUP isn't about to hire Dr. Kitty Meowington anytime soon, no matter how good her credentials.

But enough of that! I am excited to share with you details of our party (including my decorations) and the ottoman before-and-after next week.

Stay warm, dear readers.

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  1. Ashley, I had no idea you were sick - I guess I missed that post. I'm sorry to hear. I hope all goes well w/your CAT scans - will be thinking of you!! Also, looking forward to see your ottomans!!!


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