Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Wild Indoors

Now that winter is officially here, those of us living in the northern half of the U.S. retreat to the indoors for a few months to hibernate, much our wild animal friends.

I've rounded up just a few of my favorite items that make any home or apartment feel like a cozy cabin in the woods.
  1. "Deer 2" fabric by G.P. & J. Baker, $125/yard
  2. Woolrich Civil War cavalry blanket, $109
  3. Banquet Atelier's Red Bear poster, $60
  4. Roy Toy log cabin building set, $22
  5. Stormy Kromer hat, $30
  6. Log cabin incense burner, $16
  7. Silver juniper tree, $22
Snuggle up and get warm because, baby, it's cold outside!

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