Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dream House

(via Trulia)

Isn't she gorgeous? This, beloved readers, is my dream home.

Sometimes I find myself compelled to search real estate listings, even though Adam and I aren't yet in the market to buy. Searching can be fun in and of itself, but nothing compares to actually finding "the one". This home, located in the quaint hills of Litchfield, Connecticut, is exactly where I want to settle down...even if we're still a few years away from that.

I'll allow you to peek inside, but be sure to take off your shoes. We have rules in this house.

Imagine restoring this home (which boasts over 5,000 sq. ft!) to its original 19th century glory...

Those vintage cabinets? I die.
A glorious entryway to greet guests:
A scenic view of the side yard (1.12 acres total):
Last but not least, a potting shed in need of some TLC:
If we were ready to settle down, this is just the place I'd like to do it. Coming upon this house on Trulia made my imagination run wild with visions of children, holiday gatherings, and a long-but-worthwhile restoration process.

Thank you for indulging me today...this house was too beautiful not to share. What does your dream house look like?


  1. Oh, Litchfield is gorgeous!! THis house has my heart going pitter patter!! Love!

  2. wow what a beautiful house.Hard not to start decorating in your mind right away.What a beautiful part of the world.

  3. This house is so pretty!

    Peter's grandparents used to live in Litchfield, and his uncle's family still does. It's always such a treat to spend holidays with them. Big fireplaces, snowy woods, books overflowing from built in library shelves - absolute perfection!

  4. Sigh...that is one really beautiful home! Oh boy. I dream of having an entry like that one day, and a yard like that too, so peaceful and so perfect to fill up with friends and family.

  5. Hi Ashley, I'm awarding you with the Stylish Blogger Award!! Your blog is true inspiration and a daily read for me! See my post today and here are the rules:

    As part of accepting the award, you'll...
    + Thank and link back to the person that awarded them {me}
    + Share seven things about themselves.
    + Pay it forward to some recently discovered bloggers.
    + Contact those bloggers about the award!

    Happy Friday!

  6. We are definitely kindred spirits as I too dream of living in an old white house one day. I even did a post about it once that's strikingly similar to yours:


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